Advanced Persuasion Techniques to Manage Your Boss

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I have just received an email from Bob about how he is using A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Persuasion Patterns to make his work easier.

Facilitating Commitment Using Advanced Persuasion Skills

Here is the email (changed to maintain anonymity):



Thanks for lesson one I have just got a great result from it. I have been having problems with my manager. I used to work for a boss that was easy going and let you do things your way. But I have recently moved departments and this new manger was driving me mad.


It started to change last night when I listened to the think about the communication model. I realised if I changed then the relationship would change. Anyway, today, when she came up to check up…sorry…talk to me instead of getting angry and flustered I started talking to her.


The amazing thing is that we opened up a whole series of discussions and I just threw patterns at her all ending with the commitment pattern in the lesson. She agreed to everything I wanted. I think work is going to be fun again.


If you give me any more of these patterns I thing I might try and take over the whole company.





The commitment pattern is a great way of sealing results, particularly with people that have, or think they have authority over you. Using the facilitative version of the pattern is a perfect way of getting a “boss” to give you what you want particularly when they want you to do something. The general form of this would be: 

  • Listen to their request

  • Reframe it to include what you want

  • Use a conditional close that includes actions from you and your boss to get both

  • Then use a commitment pattern to seal the deal

In The Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Persuasion Patterns I will show you tools and patterns like in the free course. But you will also get strategies so you can automatically put patterns together and create really strong results. Click through to Advance Persuasion Techniques to find out more about the programme.

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