Developing Persuasive Questions for the Telephone

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As a result of the mini series on Telephone work and persuasion techniques here is an email I got from Tim.

Developing NLP Questions as a Persuasive Technique

You can read the original email that started this string of Persuasion Skills for the Telephone if you need to refresh your memory.

Received: Wednesday 6th May

From: Tim

Hi Rintu,

Thanks for keeping me up to date. Thanks also for the next installment of Advanced Persuasion Techniques. I liked the phrase, “and the next step is…”; it’s a worthwhile phrase to remember.

As an update on the questions: dotted through the conversations I’m beginning to ask:

1) How did you first come across your home?
2) What was it that attracted you to your home?
3) How would you make your home better?
4) What’s important to you about [what they said makes their home better] 5) What do you have to do in order to achieve [A) what they said they had to do to make their home better plus B) why it’s important for them to do that] 6) Can you imagine a home where instead of [not having what they want] you’ve got [what they want]? Can you imagine living in a home where you’ve got [list of the things they want]?

I realise I have to learn:

1) how to generate an emotion that’s so powerful that when they think about the sort of home they want that they feel compelled to act
B) bind that emotion to the need to sell before buying the next property [i.e. house values are still on the decline here so those that sell now have a better opportunity of buying more for less next time round] C) that it’s genuinely in their best interest in this market to sell first before buying again.

Any ideas are gratefully accepted.

Once again, thanks Rintu.

Advanced Persuasion Patterns

In my next article we will look at how to elicit and bind emotions in a buying context. These are the sort of persuasive techniques I teach on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme.

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  1. Will

    One of the historical figure that has made full use of verbal persuasive techique was Adolf Hitler. No doubt he has created a lot of hardship for many people. If you have seen any of his speeches, he is a very charismatic speaker.

    Just imagine, using conversational hypnosis, you have the power to move a whole nation.

    Keep up the posts. Thanks.


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