NLP Persuasion Applications for Internet Marketing

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Marketing on the internet is a complex business and there are a multitude of ways that NLP Tools can make a substantial difference. This report highlights some persuasion techniques that can make a dramatic difference to the results you create through internet marketing.

Results from using NLP Persuasion Techniques on the Web

Some key questions surrounding the use of your website might start with; “Who do you want to visit your site and what do you want them to do when they get there?”

Through NLP Persuasion Skills  you have a range of tools to be able to profile ideal prospects and then respond to their personality. This not only has the advantage of drawing the right people in but also to get those that are not suitable to qualify themselves out without draining your resources. The Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme has several lessons devoted to profiling people and being able to pace and lead them both face to face and in written form.

Once you have this sort of a personality profile you can then use it to generate persuasion patterns that they will uniquely respond to.

Some of the results we have achieved using this approach can be quite impressive. They include:

  • A 400% increase in sales conversions on one website when the text had been converted to using hypnotic persuasion patterns. This particular experience has been written up as a case study for NLP Language Patterns on the Internet
  • A debt management and insolvency firm doubling their enquiry rate after personality profiling their ideal clients and then modifying the language on their website to match them.
  • A tenfold increase in sign ups to my newsletter by making the sign up box more compelling and moving it to a more significant location based on profiling visitors.

Whilst this is impressive the issue is not just about the people that go to your website but also getting the right people there in the first place and then keeping them there until you have built a relationship with them and they turn into your ideal customer.

Article and List Marketing for Brand Building and Conversions

Internet users typically are information hunters and are typically looking for free information. This means that certain types of marketing strategies are very effective and also ideally suit a persuasion skills perspective.

Using articles both on and off your website to give away good quality free information when done in the right way will drive huge amounts of quality traffic. By then offering a free subscription type service for more quality information then means people are giving you permission to market to them directly. Using various methods for qualifying those lists you can market products and services directly to people that want those services.

This is all standard internet marketing tactics that we can increase the effectiveness of by adding some NLP perspectives. One simple way would be to match personality profile in the way that you market to them.

Another simple strategy would be layering in triggers that get your prospects to respond or think in a particular way, in NLP terms this is anchoring, entertainers would call this a catchphrase, hypnotist would call it a post hypnotic suggestion and marketers would call it branding.

By building an ongoing relations ship with a prospect you get the opportunity to link your product or service to external common place events. For example what would be the implications if every time your customer flicked a light switch or step into the shower they thought of your product or service? Using NLP Persuasion Techniques you can take branding to a whole new level.

Educating your prospects

If you have an ongoing relationship with your prospects the process of selling turns into the process of education. By training your prospects in how to respond to you, your products and your brand you can build responsiveness.

Before I give you an example let me give you some generalised figures as a bench mark. A typical good response to direct mail marketing for a targeted but unqualified list is 1%. With a list that has been qualified this good response rate could be as high as 40 or 50%

The Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Language Patterns was an email I sent out to one of my lists that I had been educating for over a year. The email and analysis is written up in The Persuasion Skills Black Book, an exerpt of the linguistic persuasion skills is on the website. This email generated a 70% response rate of which half the responders booked on to the course.

Advanced Persuasion Skills on the Internet

The internet has created real change in consumer buying strategies and created a market place where any business can have a world wide reach. It has given businesses the opportunity to build relationships with their customers and prospects in a more long term and viable way.

In this arena having the persuasion skills to strengthen that relationship, educate people about your products and ultimately build that brand is key critical.

NLP Processes help significantly in profiling your prospects and then pacing and leading them from initial contact to a life long profitable relationship.

Profiling people and then pacing and leading them are two of many powerful techniques you will learn when you subscribe to The Beginner’s Guide to Advance Persuasion Patterns.

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