Hypnotic Persuasion Skills and Public Speaking

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This article is about how you can grab the attention of a group, build rapport with them and then move them emotionally.

Using Hypnotic Persuasion Skills in Presentations

Here is an email I received recently:

From: John

To: Rintu

Sent: Sat 30/10/2010 23:10

Hi Rintu

I’m not sure you remember me my name is John some months ago u did me a huge favour by letting me have a copy of your persuasion skills black book when lost my job. I’ve just landed myself a great job as a sales coach/trainer.

By way of reciprocation I wondered if you will be doing a trainers training course in the New Year, I’m wondering if I have to change anything when dealing with groups. Also because I will be training speakers on how to raise the energy in the room in order to motivate people to buy big ticket seminars I note that you recommend that we speak in a slow Barry White voice but as we’re trying to sell a lifestyle product (appealing to their dreams and using another revenue stream as a vehicle to get them there in a shorter time) it requires a more upbeat voice. I just wanted to know if these language patterns would have the same effect. I look at people like Anthony Robbins and he’s very energetic. Is one style better than another? Any help would be gratefully accepted.

Thanks Again for your generosity.



The short answer to John’s initial question is I don’t have a trainer’s training planned for next year yet. That is not saying I won’t run one if there is enough demand (leave a note on the Persuasion Skills on FaceBook page if you want me to deliver one) but I don’t have any plans at the moment.

That said everything you could want in terms of a hypnotic persuasion skills course for presenters and trainers is contained in this Persuasion Skills download course.

Pace, Pitch and Tone – Master keys to Hypnotic Persuasion

Many people talk too fast to be persuasive. This is because persuasion usually has something to do with emotions and your emotions need time to change.

Try this for a moment, think of something that you are apathetic about and notice your emotions about it. Then think about something that you are passionate, excited or generally enthused about. Notice the time it takes your emotions to change from apathy to excitement.

If I talk so fast that you cannot keep up with the emotional changes you will obviously still understand what I am saying but you will not catch the emotional impact.

But what about emotions that are high energy?

The issue is not about the pace you speak, it is about whether you build rapport with your audience and you vary your delivery to create emotional impact. There are many ways of developing rapport with an audience and I tend to train presenters and trainers to use multiple techniques simultaneously. But for this article let us just focus on one powerful technique.

Developing Charisma Patterns for Public Speaking

For simplicity I am going to divide your rate of speech into two types. One is slow, measured, calm and centred. The other is high energy, excited passionate and fast.

Doing your presentation in one style or the other would be fine, but imagine what happens if you transition between the two styles.

Here are a few of the things I do on training courses.

  • I could start my presentation slowly but with the first couple of minutes as I am talking about the benefits that the audience will get from the programme I would be getting faster until I have taken them to a fast, passionate and excited pace where I am talking about all the great things they will be able to do with the information from the talk.
  • From here I might suddenly drop into a very slow pace. If I make the transition from fast to slow quick enough it would be a pattern interrupt and calculated to drop people into a trance. This would give me the opportunity to embed a few post hypnotic suggestions before moving the pace back up to a more normal pace for speaking.
  • Perhaps I might have an exercise that I want the audience to do really fast and with energy. I might spend a lot of time explaining the exercise in detail and very slowly. The intention would be to make the audience frustrated and eager to get on with it so eventually when I let them do the exercise they fly into it and get the whole thing done because they were so frustrated and keen to start.
  • If we are approaching a break but I want the audience to only have a short break and stay focused on the subject for when they get back I might try something like this. Starting quite slowly I would start telling them about what we are going to do after the break. In particular I would focus on the benefits they will get, the fun they will have learning the material and I would open as many anticipation frames as I possibly can. And in all this I will be getting faster, more excited and passionate. I would be winding the audience up into this mass of energy to then suddenly stop, tell them that they have a ten minute break but to hurry back so we can start again. The impact on the audience should be fairly obvious.

Of course when you combine this approach with other hypnotic persuasion tools you can build very powerful charisma patterns. It is easy to develop these patterns and ideas for public speaking events because you can plan ahead and it is a powerful way of moving audiences.

NLP Persuasion Skill

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