Laugh out Loud NLP Language Patterns Example

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I have paused the field report on rapport and values elicitations in restaurants so I can share a brilliant example of NLP persuasion skills in action sent to me yesterday.

Example of Hypnotic Persuasive Techniques in Action

I have only just stopped laughing at this great use of language patterns. Here is the email in full.

Date: 8th October 15:20

From: Joanne Morley



I have been reading your book and just wanted to let you know about a good example of a redefine pattern that I used with my husband.

We are having some renovations done in our house and we needed to clear out our top floor, where my very heavy, hardly used cross trainer was situated. My husband hated the fact that I bought it and said I would never use it other than to hang clothes on. So when it came to moving it he was having a real go at me, complaining that I never should have bought it etc etc to which my response was

“I agree, it was a stupid purchase and I’ve hardly every used it, but the issue now is how we are going to get it downstairs, so that I can take a picture of it in the spare room so I can sell it on Ebay”

For a moment he looked confused and then smiled and said

“That’s great, shall I go and find the digital camera”

No argument, just one very happy husband – even though I haven’t put it on Ebay yet and he never did find the digital camera 🙂

You can find this and many more patterns in The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Obviously as soon as I had stopped laughing I emailed Joanne to ask if I could publish her email. Here is her response:

Date: 8th October 20:35

From: Joanne Morley


Hello Rintu

Feel free to use the story, and if you would like to put a link to our website that would be great. I should have added that I used similar language patterns as we moved the cross trainer down the stairs. He started to complain again about what a completely stupid thing it was to buy, and I just responded with things like “Yes you are right, I agree, I should have thought before I bought it, however the main issue now is that my back is killing me and you need to give me some instructions where to move it to next.” When we finally got to the bottom of the stairs, he thanked me for being so patient with him as he grumbled all the way down the stairs

I found your book through a link from Debs, our mutual publisher, and have found it very useful. I did an NLP course a couple of years ago, did a refresher recently and read lots of NLP books including NLP dummies, but as with most things I don’t use the techniques I have learned as often as I should. I think that your book is very useful as it makes the whole language and persuasion part of NLP much easier to use and combined with some of Prof. Cialdini’s psychological persuasion techniques it can make for some very powerful marketing copy. I should let you know I have posted a review on Amazon as well.

If you are ever in Leeds or if I am in Sheffield (I’m actually in Glasgow – Rintu) it would be lovely to meet you, as we probably have some crossover in both our companies that would be worth discussing.


Resource List

Here is where you can access more information about all the things Joanne discusses in her emails.

The Persuasion Skills Black Book
Practical hypnotic and NLP Language Patterns for real life

The Brighter Marketing Guide
Joanne’s practical guide to business to business guerrilla marketing tactics

The Publish Academy
The place to find out how you can make money from your book idea

Professor Cialdini’s book that is required reading for anyone that is interested in the application of persuasion techniques.

Deconstructing Language Patterns

I am not going to deconstruct any of Joanne’s patterns because they are self explanatory and perfect examples. I am sending her a The Black Book Master Persuasion Course because she deserves something back for giving us the opportunity to see her brilliant application of these patterns. Find out more about this powerful course through this Persuasion Skills link.

Opening Loops

In the next post we will go back to my Blackpool field report and discover a process for obtaining free curries through applications of NLP persuasive techniques.

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