The Key to Using Hypnotic Persuasion Skills, Conversation Management

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In the previous article we discussed hypnotic language patterns in sales sent in by Bill S (he has made contact again and was happy to be published).

Conversation Management, an easy way to use NLP Language Patterns

Bill’s patterns have prompted some replies and one response in particular allows me to unpack some ideas on how to take complete control of any conversation as well as slip in loads of hypnotic patterns and phrases. Before we get to that here is a response to the last article, confusingly from another Bill. We will call him Bill V.

Using Extended Hypnotic Language Patterns

Here is Bill V’s email:

RE: The email exchange on the ‘price’ question and the salesperson’s response. His response was a good one and although has effectiveness there is another much more powerful statement that will immediately cause change in perspective. Here it is and you tell me what you think of it:

“Yes, price is an important thing to focus on and in your position I would be focusing on it too and I have a question for you. As you are focusing on the price of something, getting a feeling about price and listening to your inner advisor, what really is the most important thing about the price you pay? Is it the value you get for your money? Feeling like you were working with a true professional that held your interest as important? Not feeling that you were being ‘taken’ or forced into something? Feeling like you were actually and really a part of the decision-making process? Feeling like you really do have choices? Well, I do to. And that is what I demand every time I go to spend my hard-earned money! So, let’s talk about what you really need and really want and build your car around that. What do you say?”

The flaw in the car salesman’s strategy is that he does not create any linkage with the buyer to gently pull him into the process Without this critical first step, there really is no effective and impactful second step

Before I go any further if both Bills are reading this, please write in again and make sure that your email address is entered properly. The email addresses you have supplied so far keep bouncing when I use them.

Sequences of NLP Patterns

What Bill V is doing is leading the prospect step by step through a sequence of patterns and leading them gently from a focus on the price to a focus of what they want the car for.

I agree with Bill V and his general approach. There is one issue here and that is that the language is quite “clunky” and there is a fair amount of things to say. Also note that he asks several questions and yet continues talking instead of waiting and responding to the prospect.

This is a fairly standard problem with conversational hypnosis as people get more comfortable with firing out patterns and thinking through their language they can forget that there is another person involved in the conversation.

Conversation Management

Having watched several Hypnotic Persuasion Artists struggle with the issue I developed the Conversation Management Processes. This is a simple to use process that keeps you focused on the person you are speaking to, turns your hypnotic monologue into a two way conversation and still allows you to slip in all those exciting hypnotic language patterns. Just as importantly it really allows you to covertly take complete control of the conversation but still come across as a great conversationalist.

The Conversation Management Process is fully written up in The Persuasion Skills Black Book which you can buy on or I have recently put together a forty minute video on the subject for Steven Burns’ great new product The People’s Coach Guide to Social Confidence with a bunch of ways of how you can use it to ramp up your rapport in a social context. The product is not launched until 12th August but you should have a look at it, Steven has got a great group of people together that have provided material that complement a terrific programme.

The People’s Coach Guide to Social Confidence launches 12th August but you can find out more about it here. I also got Steven to agree to allow me to release the first ten minutes of the video on Conversation Management that I created for him. You can see the video on The Persuasion Skills Black Book page or direct on YouTube on The NLP Company channel on NLP Persuasion Techniques.

And Finally…

Here is Bill S’s response to his last article:

Hey Rintu,

Its Bill again, your favorite car salesman with another issue I am having.

In order to sell one car there are many sales that need to be made. You have to sell them on you, your product, your dealership, the price, the terms and I am sure I am missing some in there. All of these I can meet with little to no problem. However, when it comes to payments I am having a bit of a problem. I was thinking of this:

Client: These payments are really high.

ME: I agree, these payments are high and I would add that these payments are a direct reflection of the important things that you have told me that you need in your vehicle, the safety features, the leather seats, the navigation system, the reliability of the vehicle, so when you look at everything that you are getting for that payment, I would say that it is quite reasonable wouldn’t you?

Any advice or direction you could give me with this would be greatly appreciated.

By the way your last redirect worked like a charm. Thanks so much! I feel like I have you as my own personal NLP trainer. Thank you for the personalized attention.

Bill S

I think that this is a great start for a response and I would also suggest there are many ways this situation can be handled. Let’s throw it open for a competition. The best response on the Persuasion Skills Black Book Fan Page on this note wins one of my download courses.

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