The Accelerated Learning of Hypnotic Persuasion Skills

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Many NLP Trainers seem to miss out accelerated learning generally and learning hypnotic language patterns specifically. Just taking these simple ideas and using them will accelerate your development of any skill but obviously we are applying them to learning hypnotic language patterns.

Why Learn Hypnotic Language?

Have you ever been handed something that you think is really useful but you can’t quite seem to work out what you are going to do with it? Imagine being on an NLP practitioner course and you are handed sixteen phrases labelled the Milton Model and told using them will allow you to take people in to trance.

And then you get the opportunity to work in groups putting together hundreds of patterns and practice speaking word salad at each other in your hypnotic voice whilst all the while trying to work out how this is useful. Here is an example of the type of stuff that they come up with:

I know that you are wondering . . . and it’s a good thing to wonder . . . because . . . that means . . . you are learning many things . . . and all the things . . . that you can learn . . . provide you with new insights, and new understandings. And you can, can you not? You may understand; one can, you know. And it’s more or less the right thing. You are sitting here, listening to me, looking at me, and you will absorb these learnings, and that means that your unconscious mind is also here, and can hear what I say. And since that’s the case, you are probably learning about this and already know more at an unconscious level than you think you do, and it’s not right for me to tell him, learn this or learn that, let him learn in any way he wants, in any order. Do you feel this . . . is something you understand? Because, last week I was with John who told me about his training last year when he talked to someone who said, “A chair can have feelings . . .

How to Use Hypnotic Language Sensibly

To use hypnotic language sensibly you need a context and an objective. Without those two as a start point all you are likely to generate is word salad. After this you need a process or at least a sequence that you want your audience to go through. And once you have all of this you also need to interact with your audience and engage with them in a meaningful way.

Here is a short clip covertly demonstrating covert frames, hypnotic language patterns being used in a sequence for a specific result. Just keep this in mind and notice the sequence of your own thoughts as you go through the video. You might also notice that the presentation sounds (mostly) like a normal conversation. And if you have read the last few articles on frames you already know that there is a whole lot of things going on.

Feel free to leave a comment of two about the stuff that you notice. On the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed Course you will get this whole workshop transcribed as well as my notes on what is really going on, how it is useful and most importantly, how you can use it in your own life. Click Through and Find Out More Here.


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