The Secret to Learning NLP Persuasion Skills

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I have had several interesting response to last week’s article where we discussed the power of pre-frames. So much so that in this article I am going to give you a range of examples of how powerful this technique can be.

The Most Powerful NLP Persuasion Technique Laid Bare

But first here is one of the emails I received:

From: Marc Lindsay

Sent: 23 April 2011 10:28

To: Rintu

Subject: Re: How to Alter the Nature of Reality

Hey Rintu,

As always another great read.
Often my sales guys would tell me how they could not possibly ask them about how much one might be spending on adwords, or their other marketing campaigns.

Yet it was very easy for me to get this sort of data.
I used to say they just were not asking the right questions.

I now realize they were not pre-framing the conversation.

I always approached from the education view, and that they would get the most out of the conversation with me by being open.

Thus in a way I was pre-framing without realizing.

This is a great result for Marc and very typical of the response you can have when you start to look at pre-frames. Find out more about this on the free Hypnotic Sales Skills course.

Altering the Nature of Reality Revisited

I have recently been part of a discussion on Facebook that I will paraphrase here. One of my Facebook friends asked about how can one get things done in the face of uncertainty when a big part of their motivation is about avoiding discomfort.

I love the structure of this because, as a trainer I meet this all the time, have to blow it out all the time and therefore I have various ways and means to do exactly that. My response to my friend was a short simple sentence:

“Make certainty more uncomfortable than uncertainty”

This had a huge impact on my friend to the point where he PMed me to let me know how powerful this was and asking how I came up with this.

Slight of Mouth Patterns and Pre-Frames

The structure of my response is based on a slight of mouth pattern where you take the presenting problem and fold it back on itself. We discuss this more fully on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme. But what I want you to notice is how we are moving the frame. The original frame is certainty is comfortable / good and uncertainty is uncomfortable / bad. Imagine what happens to someone that holds that perspective and then suddenly changes it. Change the frame and your world view completely changes.

Interestingly I used the same approach recently on another Facebook thread and bombed out completely. This time the author had put up a quote, something like “You are what you think.” Notice what is pre-framed if you choose to accept this statement. Consider how powerful you become and how much self-esteem you gain by accepting this statement.

Ascending to Godhood

Underneath this comment someone replied, “How long will it take me to become GOD , if I start thinking that way Gandhiji?” What I am asking you to do is start thinking on a level about the presenting statement. That is what the last few articles have less than covertly been aimed at teaching and demonstrating to you. When you do this with the above statement what do you notice about the beliefs this person pre-frames his life with?

I decided it was worth pushing a little to see if I could get him to self-reflect and let go of some of the self-esteem issues that he has. So I put in a response, which was, “You already are it is just your thinking that stops you realising this.”

The self-esteem issues this guy has were confirmed in his response. “@Basu: thats OVER-Intellectual with no genuinity. Sounds good in spiritual discourses only” Again consider what beliefs have to be true for this person for them to make this statement. Getting to see conversations on this level will give you the key to being able to persuade and influence them in any direction because now you are operating directly on their pre-frames.

Great but How do I Use This?

If you are on Facebook you will see me use one of the super language patterns to redirect this guy to this blog. That will probably be as far as I will take this whilst he is a good demonstration of the power of pre-frames I don’t think there is any value in just debating or trying to help this guy.

But if you think about this there are a multitude of uses for this approach. Here are a few:

Personal Development
You are what you think you are and using some of the hypnotic language patterns on yourself can give you a huge amount of leverage to change. Ascend into godhood if you choose. Personally I am heading for a few more years of sin and debauchery.

Find the existing beliefs and reframing them to align with having fun and excitement by going on a date with you.

Taking standard objections and building pre-frames that take them out of the equation before they can be raised as objections. This inoculates the prospect against these particular objections.

Here is the first video from the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. This is a great demonstration of how I am adding pre-frames to help people learn hypnotic persuasion skills. Yes, I do take people through what I am doing and when you do the course you get to keep all the recordings so when you learn a new technique you can go back and see how I used it with you covertly on the course.

Notice how many preframes I layer In here both about learning, persuasion skills and about myself and the course. Here is the video:

If you want to know more about how you can use this information in a sales context then consider coming to Hypnotic Sales in the City in May. Find out more here.

If you want to know how to use these concepts in a wider hypnotic persuasion skill context then sign up for early notification here.

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