Jedi Persuasion Techniques with Your Charisma Coach Marcus Oakey

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Last month Marcus Oakey interviewed me for his website. In this article you will get an opportunity to see the interview, work through some of the language patterns and notice all the spatial anchors I was using.

Meeting Interesting People

At the beginning of the year I had the opportunity to meet Marcus Oakey the author of as we were both delivering some training on Hypnotic Transformations Live. At the time Marcus asked and I readily agreed to be interviewed for his website.

I highly recommend that you go to and download the free eBook. Marcus has a lot of really good things to say. Even someone as jaded, cynical and long in the tooth as I have learned loads from him. For me the best thing about Marcus is not the loads of unique clever material that he has, it is that he completely walks his talk.

Unconscious Competence of Persuasion Patterns

At you will also find the video interview along with a transcript. What you need to recognise about this video is that Marcus has caught me in full on training mode so I am still bubbling with patterns. Have a listen to the language I am using and notice just how many patterns I am going through. Then have a look at the transcript and notice a few more.

Once you have finished with that have a watch and notice the spatial anchors that I am using. Throughout this video I have a lot of rapport with Marcus so you can see how much impact those anchors are having on both of us. But my personal favourite occurs around 6 minutes 20 seconds.

At this point we are discussing awareness patterns and yes sets. I have already cycled through several yes sets explaining how they are used in sales. At the 6 mins 20 secs mark I am starting to explain how hypnotists use these patterns. I’ve already got Marcus used to how I am implying trance with my hands and here you can see me use the spatial anchors to take him there along with my language and voice. It is a shame we didn’t have time for a longer interview as I think I could have made him fall out of his chair within a few minutes of this point in the interview. Here is the link to the transcript and the video.

 Remember there is a transcript of this video on Marcus’ site as well. And while you are there sign up to his newsletter and definitely get his free eBook. You will be glad that you did.

If you want to learn these patterns and develop these techniques the easiest way to do it is to subscribe to the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. You can find out more here.


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