Practicing Persuasion Techniques

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One of the places where people fail with learning Persuasion Techniques is finding the right way to practice. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

 Some thoughts on How to Practice Persuasion Techniques

Here is an email from Tim who has recently bought The Persuasion Skills Black Book that allows me to unpack some information about practicing persuasion skills.

Received Sunday 28th December

Hi Rintu,

I’ve just got back and have been through your emails. Your audio on voice use is fantastic (part of the support material when you buy The Persuasion Skills Black Book…Rintu). Your answers to Steve also got my mind into gear and I wrote a few more scripts to help me.

I’ve been practicing. And I’m still highly excited. I cannot yet report a significant success. But I’m convinced it’ll happen. And you’ll be the first to know. Because I want you to know, because your language patterns will be the cause of my success.



And here is my response to him:

Hi Tim,

Thanks for writing and here is a thought for you. I think you are right, success will follow and it is good you are excited about practicing.

Here it thing I want you to take on board though. The purpose of practicing is to practice. Often people will “try” to use patterns and get poor results because the outcome is so important to them that they fumble the deliver, are not focused on the other person, didn’t build rapport or the hundred and one other things that have to be in place.

If you practice patterns for the joy of practicing patterns letting go of any need to get a result and just curious about what might happen you start to get good very quickly. Then all of a sudden you find yourself using these patterns instinctively. At that point you will naturally get results.

This is my measure for success. It is not planning to use a pattern, then using it and getting a result. It is coming out of a meeting or interaction with someone where you got the result you were looking for and as you are thinking about it you suddenly realize you used a whole load of patterns instinctively and didn’t realize at the time.

So let me end on a few clichés:

  • Do the drills and get the skills
  • Only perfect practice makes perfect
  • Practice so much that when you need the skills you don’t realize you are using them.

Tim, you are doing a great job already and I am sure you are going to quickly surprise yourself with the results you are getting.


If you have read The Persuasion Skills Black Book you will also notice the future pace patterns in the last few lines.

If you are on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course you will also notice metaphor structure that sets up the variety of embedded commands at the end. Hope you are realising just how easy and subtle this can be.

Practicing Persuasion Techniques

In The Persuasion Skills Black Book you will find lots of ideas about practice in ten minutes a day or less. Spending ten minutes a day doing good practice is more effective at installing these skills than spending huge swathes of time doing things poorly.

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