The Secret to Learning Hypnotic Persuasion Quickly and Easily

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This article explains how to be effective in learning hypnotic persuasion skills. Before the end of this article you will discover many of the covert persuasion tactics I routinely used to become internationally recognised as a Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Trainer but you can quickly adapt to getting your own way in any circumstances you want.

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Multiple Perspectives Are Key to Effective Learning

If you were to  look for the hypnotic language patterns  in my material several interesting things happen in terms of your ability to  learn, recognise and replicate these hypnotic persuasion skills.

For example you  split your focus  and have to  read on several different levels . This is a trance technique right here. So by reading this; thinking about the meaning of what I am saying, looking at the hypnotic process we are going through and searching for the patterns means you are  heading into a specific type of learning trance.

You are also in a very useful double bind. If you  find the patterns  I am using  you win  because you have  reconfirmed your ability  to  spot these hypnotic patterns. That means you are already better at applying them for yourself. If you don’t  spot the patterns  you have just a whole lot of really good post hypnotic behaviour  bypass your critical faculties. This usually means you will re-read / watch / listen to certain elements and  burst out laughing  when you do spot what bypassed you the first time. Either way  you win.

Perceptual Positions and Covert Modelling Techniques

If you haven’t already noticed I really packed loads of different things into the last three paragraphs. I hope you noticed some if not all of it…and feel free to go back and spot more. But before you do consider this. The first time you read those paragraphs you were in the position of a reader taking in the content. If you are skilled with hypnotic language you might already have read it on several different levels, but you did read those paragraphs as a reader.

Now go back and read those paragraphs as an observer. Imagine the impact those words have on a reader. Imagine watching a reader reading those words and the impact it has on them. When you shift to this position you might notice a lot more of the hypnotic patterns that I have used. Have a go now and just notice how your understanding of those three paragraphs changes as a result of just taking a different perceptual position.

Now have another read, but this time imagine reading those paragraphs through the eyes of the author. Consider the patterns and the order they have been put it and the structure used. Compare this with the impact it has on the reader and think about the critical choices you would make to either improve the current direction or to change and move the meaning to where you want it to go.

Again you have been caught in a brilliant double bind because you win again. At whatever level you managed to do the exercises you will have learnt a significant amount about hypnotic persuasion skills. If all you did was read through to this point and not consciously do any of the exercises you still win. This is because for you to make sense of anything that has been said so far you have to form some sort of representation of it in your head. Let me explain that a little further and then we will come back to this point.

NLP Internal Representations the World in your Head

If I were to say the word “car” to you, you would have to make a representation of a car in your head for you to make sense of what I had said. If I said “red car” unless you were already thinking of a “red car” notice how your representation changed. If I said “red Ford Torino” you might already be thinking of a white stripe and Starsky and Hutch. Notice you are changing the internal representations in your head based on what I am saying.

Meanwhile back at the point

You might not have done the exercises consciously as I asked. But just by reading through them and making sense of what I was saying you have formed the internal representations of doing them. And by the fact that you have a memory of those first few paragraphs you already have a result. Take this the right way if you:

Do the Drills


Get the Skills

But if you don’t you are still getting some sort of a good result and certainly better than you would get if you didn’t have this structured approach to learning hypnotic persuasion skills.

Grounded in Conscious Application

As you have been studying some of my material you are already aware that this is typically the way that I structure my teaching. And you also know that the part I have left off so far is the part where I consciously teach the patterns and then take you through some examples before letting you go out and use the skills in the real world.

These elements are vital and any good trainer would build it into their material. Where I am slightly different and a lot more effective is the addition of the elements we have just discussed above.

Small Changes for Dramatic Results

But I made a small twist to what I have been doing. I was thinking it would be even more effective if I deconstructed all the patterns and persuasive techniques I was using on a live training.

This means you can take the three positions we discussed above but also since you have my deconstruction you really can see things through my eyes. And because it is a live training you can see what worked, what didn’t, places where I completely messed up and places where I did a really great job. And you have all of my thoughts on it.

But I would not want to leave it at that. Any good trainer is going to leave you with the questions, “Now you know what you know, how are you going to use it?” On the course I show you how you can practice the pattern or the skill, how you can use it and develop more patterns of your own. So imagine being able to watch a training course through the eyes of a hypnotic persuasion skills trainer.

I thought this would be a useful and powerful course. I was completely unprepared for the response I got. I gave out a few review copies just to get a few testimonials to kick start the marketing processHere is what some of them had to say:[divider type=”plain” width=”small” align=”aligncenter” clear=”clearboth”]

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Many of the reviewers think that this is a high level and advanced course. Some of the reviewers have said like Siegfried above that people new to the subject might need The Persuasion Skills Black Book as a primer. I don’t actually agree with them because the “content” of the course still starts at a foundation level. I do agree that when you start thinking on multiple levels there is material that is far in advance of the usual Master Practitioner Level.

Instead of debating the point I thought it more useful to pace their beliefs. So I have put an incredibly comprehensive package of bonuses together that overtly take you from a conscious foundation level to mastery of some powerful hypnotic persuasion skills techniques. Obviously I have included a pdf of The Persuasion Skills Black Book. Here is my publisher’s opinion on this new course:[divider type=”plain” width=”small” align=”aligncenter” clear=”clearboth”]

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I was just expecting some, “I loved it because I like the way Rintu explains things.” type reviews but the things that I have been getting have been really special. Have a look at this from Bill:[divider type=”plain” width=”small” align=”aligncenter” clear=”clearboth”]

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I think Lars really explains the course well even though when he wrote this he had only seen one third of the content. Here is what he has to say:[divider type=”plain” width=”small” align=”aligncenter” clear=”clearboth”]

If you want to find out more about the course there is a special offer running until 9:30 am Monday 24th UK time. 

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    If is trance word then u used look then referential index change then embeded command on perceptual positions to read at different level
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