Job Interview Skills using NLP Techniques Part Four

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Answering interview questions is a subject I often have a laugh about when I surf the internet. Do you realise there are hundreds of sites where they give interview questions and ideal answers for those questions. In fact you could waste money buying books and programmes showing you the perfect answer to difficult questions.

Using NLP Techniques to Create the Perfect Job Interview Answers


I find it incredible that anyone could find this useful. Imagine being in interview and having to remember all those questions, the perfect answer and then how you are tweaking it to fit your experience, the company and job you are going for.


Just imagine if you had four or five interviews in one week…a situation that can easily occur when you have a CV constructed along the lines we have discussed in my previous post on using NLP for CV Writing.


Interview Answers using a Simple NLP Formula


Having to prepare all of that and keep it in your head whilst in an interview must be a night mare for those that do it. One of the reasons I developed the Using Psychological Techniques for CV Writing and Job Interviews was because I wanted to give people a system that is easy to prepare and would allow you to be natural in interview but still give great answers. Having developed a simple hypnotic interview answer formula can dramatically boost your Job Interview Skills with little or no effort.


My approach is to create an answer formula that automatically creates a perfect answer to almost any interview question. That way all you need do is remember the formula and can just automatically put answers together without having to think about it.


Deconstructing the Perfect Answer to Interview Questions


Research shows that interviewees generally lack believability because they don’t illustrate their answers with enough details, examples and evidence.


Using Perceptual Positions as discussed in a recent post, you know that the perfect interview answer has to translate the skills, qualities and experience of the interviewee into key benefits for the company. And this particular NLP Technique suddenly becomes really useful in exploring how you can explain those benefits meaningfully to the interviewer.


Other ideas to Build into the Perfect Interview Answer


The perfect interview answer would also include demonstrations of how the candidate would fit perfectly in to the organisation.


I would also like my perfect answer to put in the mind of the interviewer the idea of me doing a perfect job. In NLP Jargon…future pace the interviewer to see me doing the job perfectly.


In your preparation phase you will have looked up the company values and job criteria. During the first two minutes you will have elicited the interviewer’s personal trance words and values. I would like there to be space in the perfect interview answer to be able to feed these back to the interviewer. Even without formal NLP Training this is quite an easy thing to do.


Thinking a little more broadly I would like my perfect interview answer to be easy to construct and remember as well as being able to fit many different questions. I would also like the answers to link to my CV. If this were the case I could prepare several answers before the interview, practice and prepare them to the point that it doesn’t matter what questions were asked of me I would always have a perfect answer ready.


If you don’t think you can construct this sort of answer formula for yourself there is one already prepared for you when you download the Using Psychological Techniques for CV Writing and Job Interview Course. The formula is simple and easy to put in place…all you have to do is fit your experiences in to it. Once that is done all you have to do is put the right words from your company research in and you are ready to go. You can download this answer formula within minutes as part of the whole Using Psychological Techniques for CV Writing and Job Interview Programme adding a huge range to your Job Interview Techniques.


Taking this approach has several knock on effects. The most important being that you can never again be caught off guard in interview. How much more relaxed and confident would you be if you had this in place? Also after you have done this for the first time you can prepare for interviews in minutes rather than hours. If you have built your CV on the psychological principles I have suggested then this could be a great time saver because of the amount of interviews you will be getting.

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