Job Interview Skills and NLP Rapport Techniques Part Three

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It is not always the best people that get the job. It is normally the people that give the best interview that do. Research shows that interviewers make their minds up about candidates within the first two minutes of the interview and then the rest of the interview is used to support that decision.

Using NLP Techniques to Build Rapport and Take Covert Control of an Interview


I know many interviewers that do not agree with this claim…and what many of them are missing is that this is happening on an unconscious level. They do not know themselves that this is what is happening. Having managed teams of interviewers in the past I have direct personal experience of even the best interviewers falling in to this trap even when they have had NLP Training.


If this is the case then as a Job Candidate the key issue has to be how you can get your recruiter to, on an unconscious level already want you for the job.


Building Rapport for Job Interviews


In a previous post I have written up a detailed process for building rapport for interviews and then how to take covert control of the whole interview.


Since the first two minutes are vital you might want to develop a whole process as part of your job interview skills. On my Using Psychological Techniques for CV Writing and Job Interviews you will find a process for dealing with the first two minutes of the interview explained in great depth.


By building rapport and taking covert control you are not only creating a high level of responsiveness in your interviewer but also leading them directly in the direction they need to be led for you to be offered the job. As such it is a critical element of the interview process and one where NLP Techniques can make a huge difference to your results.

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