Using Hypnotic Metaphor for Persuasion

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My last post provoked quite a few emails and responses. In my last article I discussed how you can use various different modalities (usually but not exclusively visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) to create various effects. This article takes that further and shows you different ways of hooking your audience and drawing them in to your process. 

Covertly Installing Hypnotic States

I have had a flurry of emails asking me how I do this. I have three preferred methods and I am going to demonstrate my most flexible method in this article.

What’s it like when you read a hypnotic metaphor?

I love using metaphor to move people because it is an incredibly flexible tool. Here are some examples of how I have used multilayered, hypnotic metaphors:

Hypnotic Persuasion Skills to get warm

In this example you will see demonstrations of embedded commands as well as a process to elicit emotions from people and then use them. Click through here.

NLP Belief Changes

This example is a metaphor to pre teach belief change techniques. When reading this example you will see me use open loops of metaphors within metaphors. This is a way of getting more hypnotic, more covert and to draw people in even further.

The answers the reader gets seem to be very specific and detailed about this one particular issue but careful re-reading of the article will let you know what was really being taught…and how much more powerful a result that is. This is a good example of giving the client what they want as a distraction from the powerful tool that you are really giving them. Click through here.

Being Fluent at Conversational Hypnosis

And a final metaphor example that is much simpler. This uses a direct comparison between learning to play a guitar with learning hypnotic language. The great thing about using a metaphor in this circumstance is so that I can help the reader generalise the learning. If I talk about learning to play the guitar and draw the parallels to learning hypnotic language you might figure out how to draw the parallels to learning other topics and subject as well. Click through here.

Learning to use Hypnotic Metaphor

This is an extremely powerful persuasive device and should be part of any persuasion artist’s repertoire. As such on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme we spend the time to learn how to:

  • Create hundreds of metaphors every day and even on the fly
  • Structure those metaphors to create the impact you want
  • Hide advanced persuasion techniques like submodality shifts, embedded commands and strategies in your metaphors
  • Combine three or more metaphors into powerful trancescripts for speeches, talks and presentations
  • Stay on track with the story and still react to the needs of your audience
  • Deliver these metaphors on multiple levels just like the articles you have been reading.


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