Two Powerful Demonstrations of Hypnotic Persuasion Metaphors

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Over the last few days I’ve received a few emails asking about how to use metaphors. This article will demonstrate some incredibly powerful hypnotic persuasion techniques and how you can use them.

How to Use Metaphors to Hide Powerful Hypnotic Persuasion Patterns

I love metaphors because they are the most covert of covert persuasion skills. Using metaphors you can create anticipation and desire so people are desperate to hear more. You can use metaphor to direct thoughts so you bypass the conscious resistance of the listener as well as covertly set boundaries for the discussions.

Why Use Metaphors for Hypnotic Persuasion?

When used very skilfully you can take people into trance and embed post hypnotic suggestions to the point where the subject has complete amnesia over the instructions they have been given. But the best things for me is that metaphors are not only easy to learn but also very covert.

Accelerated Learning through Example

In this example you will see that I have used a metaphor to explain metaphors. In this article you will see demonstrations of:

  • Embedded commands
  • Installing a sequence of thoughts into the reader
  • Opening anticipation loops
  • Preframing a conversation

Incidentally of the two options mentioned the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course is only available for a few more days before I close it down again. You can access this covert hypnosis course here. The other option of a face to face embedded command and metaphor course is not currently available but I will run if I get enough interest.

Here is the article on Hypnotic Storytelling

A More Detailed Breakdown

This second article includes a detailed breakdown of a specific example. In this article I tell the story of how I used a metaphor to help an old man. I deconstruct the metaphor piece by piece so you can see all the persuasion patterns that I use.

What I don’t share with you on this article is how I am using metaphors within metaphors on the reader. Again careful reading of both articles will give you a huge insight with how to construct hypnotically persuasive metaphors. And if you would like a little more help with that the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme includes techniques to:

  • Create hundreds of metaphors for any circumstance within a few minutes. Using this one technique you can often create metaphors in the moment.
  • Hide all your covert persuasion tools in the story making them virtually undetectable.
  • Install sequences of thoughts or behaviours into your subjects without them ever noticing.
  • Uncover deep emotions and attach them to your products, service or just to yourself.
  • Take people into deep levels of trance without them noticing.

Here is the advanced hypnotic storytelling article.

Currently the Advanced Persuasion Programme is open but it will be closing as soon as the maximum number has been reached. Click through and find out more.

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