Martial Arts, Ninja Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques and Mothers

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This article demonstrates a number of hypnotic persuasion techniques hidden in metaphors. In it you will discover several ways of taking your audience through hypnotic patterns in a covert way.

Using Metaphors for Covert Persuasion

The other day Edward, a good Facebook friend of mine posted up a comment that I felt was in need of a good reframe. Before I show you what he said I would like to suggest this idea as a route to practice.

One way that I use to practice constructing hypnotic language patterns is commenting in forums, posting on Facebook and spending time in chatrooms. These are good places to practice because you have the opportunity to pause, check your notes, read up a bit and then put down some experimental patterns to see what happens. So I am always hunting out conversations I can deliberately play with.

So when my friend posted up a thought that was not the most useful for him I thought it was a great opportunity to practice and to help him out. Once you have seen the comment I will take you through a thought process to construct metaphors to change minds. Here is his comment:

One of the downsides of NLP for persuasion… I am finding that by using certain language patterns so much my writing starts to mimic it… which means that my time distortion comments and I-you shifts and such end up making my writing technically grammatically incorrect… sigh…. I just had to totally rewrite a long post to my brother-in-law because it was peppered with such things that I had not intended to put there….

Pace and Lead Patterns

Generally I am in favour of patterns where you lead and the audience have to pace you. But in certain circumstances showing empathy before leading people into a different state is a useful frame.

In my youth I practiced a martial art called Aikido. Unfortunately being young I did not really appreciate what a great sensei I had, but luckily I still learnt a lot from him. One of the things he was big on getting across was the idea that you can use whatever energy your partner gave you and redirect it for your own purpose. 

Another lesson I learnt for the first time from my sensei was turning confrontational situations to a collaborative effort. Opponents were reframed into being partners and they had come along to assist in helping practice my skills, build my self-esteem or to put themselves into my arm locks and allow me to escort them to the floor. In business I really want to turn my competition into collaborators and partners where we help each other generate more business. As a coach and trainer I practice the idea of using whatever a client might give me to help them to make the changes that they want. As a persuasion artist I plan to take whatever people give me and refocus it in a direction I want to lead them in.

The Contrast Principle

A book I think everyone with an interest in persuasion should read is Influence! by Robert Cialdini. It is a great book packed with brilliant ideas and concepts. One thing that is brought up in the book is the concept of comparisons. An over simplified view might be if I build the value of my product to a huge number when I reveal the price as a much lower number you are likely to see this price more favourably. This is also a favoured linguistic pattern my mother use to use on me. “Eat your dinner, there are starving people in India.”

One of my most favourite things

The best thing about metaphors is you can take the reader through a sequence or patterns without them noticing.

Here is my response to Edward:

Welcome to my world. I get hammered for bad grammar constantly. The trouble is I’ve trained myself to speak this way and it is embedded in my writing as well.

For me though this is my life and my career. It is what I am known for and if people want to dissociate from me because of it then let them go. I have an idea that the people that care will accept it, if I really need it in business I will hire someone to proof read and correct it (although I am at the stage where the people that matter just accept it) and those people that are anal enough for it to be a problem can bother someone else’s life.

At the point where I realised that I had this problem and that I could learn to switch to mediocrity , normal, what’s expected mode was when you suddenly realise what a great skill you have developed. Think for a moment about the huge numbers of people that would just love to have this problem. You know the one about having integrated so much hypnotic persuasion into your normal life that you do it so automatically and instinctively that you can’t turn it off.

To have that skill I would happily do the occasional rewrite. Or then again I might just leave it and assume the people that matter will love me for it anyway.

Feel free to point out the patterns, embedded commands, the reframes, the I / You switches, presuppositions and the appalling grammar. By doing the analysis you will get practice at how you can use the same techniques to your best advantage.

Designing metaphors for a call to action

You can use construct metaphors to hide a number of persuasion techniques including:

  • Bringing out emotions
  • Attaching emotions to specific triggers and anchors
  • Embedding hypnotic suggestions and commands
  • Installing a sequence of thoughts and even behaviours

Consider the possibilities of being able to all of this wrapped up in the body of

 a story for your children

 a testimonial for your prospects

 an article for your readership

 a case study for your peers

 a worked example for your class

 a briefing for your peers

 a presentation for your team or boss.

If you would like to know how then the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course is something you could look into. Click through and find out more here.



4 Comments on “Martial Arts, Ninja Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques and Mothers”

  1. Anonymous

    “I have an idea that the people that care will accept it” – an intentional multiple meaning phrase? At face value, this is obviously saying that people who care for Robert will accept how he is but potentially “the people that care will accept it” could be a message direct to Robert – if you care (possibly about anything at all) then you will accept it. Or I could be reading too much into it.. ;)By the way, I have come across your material due to wanting to improve my aikido teaching skills, as you say in the article, reframes are very important for us.

    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Andy,
      You are spot on about the ambiguity am I talking about the people in Edward’s (not Robert) life or am I talking about Edward himself.

      I wish I had stayed with aikido and also paid attention to my old sensei. The older I get the more I feel that the guy taught me everything I need to know if only I had paid attention.



  2. Marg

    reframe – Welcome to my world, it’s my life and my career
    embedded command – trained to speak this way, embedded in my writing, (if people want to dissociate) let them go, switch to mediocrity, hire someone to proof read, … just accept it,
    Great stuff as always Rintu
    Pattern I/you swap in the second last paragraph

    1. Rintu Basu

      HI Marg,
      I know Edward gets it as he is great at this stuff, but it is good to know that there are others out there like you that read, understand and use this material.

      Thanks for doing this deconstruction your reward comes two fold, first it is a recognition of how good you really are. Second knowing you have helped the readers of this article to understand more in depth what is going on.

      Great Job.



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