Develop your Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques in Three Days

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Some results just look unbelievable and that sometimes causes problems with testimonials. In the video you are about to see Grant explains exactly what he did to increase his performance by 50% in three days over his older, “wiser” and more experienced colleagues.

Get Hypnotically Persuasive Results in Three Days

Many years ago when I was selling sales courses I learnt a valuable lesson. I would breeze in and tell these organisations that they could easily increase their sales by 50% or more. And then I would promptly be shown the door because they just wouldn’t believe me.

Eventually I learnt and I would walk into the same organisations and tell them we might be able to lift the sales figures by 10%, it would be a struggle but I was confident that we could achieve this with lots of hard work etc. I would get the work because it paced their level of expectation.

Pacing Expectations

These days now I am established differently and only work with organisations when they approach me. I often take a different tack again. I tend to want to demonstrate the result, show you how you can do it yourself and then let you know that there is much more you can get from me. With this in mind in this ten minute video Grant explains exactly how he:

  • # Pre-frames and inoculates the prospect against certain behaviour
  • # Future paces the prospect to make them excited about their future results
  • # Developed his own confidence and self esteem

Master Class Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques

The master class recording where Grant learnt these skills is still available as an MP3 and I have half a mind to publish it. But I think I would like to ask a favour of you first.

I published Grant’s results because of a testimonial he gave me for the Hypnotic Sales in the City course that I am delivering. I obviously want to get this course out to as many people as I possibly can. There are tabs at the bottom of the course page where you can post the page to various social media web sites. If you and a few others post the page to your social media profiles I will release the whole hour and half mp3 recording where Grant learnt these skills. Here is the page for Hypnotic Sales in the City and you will see the social media tabs at the bottom of the page.

 If you and a few others post the page to your favourite social media websites I will release the mp3 next week. Here is the page again

Hypnotic Sales in the City

Hypnotic Sales in the City

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