Self Hypnosis, Using Your Brain for a Change and Lasting Results

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Many people use a form of self hypnosis; they may call it meditation, creative visualisation or even just daydreaming. Each of these things may have different qualities and outcomes but they all have at least one thing in common. They are all techniques that bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind.

Self Hypnosis and Personal Development

Being able to bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind is a great skill to have. Your unconscious mind is the storehouse for your emotions, habits, memories and automatic behaviour such as breathing and pumping blood. Imagine the benefits of being able to consciously reframe your memories so they are always empowering, let go of limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviours. These are all kept in your unconscious mind. Therefore by having access to it you have a great tool to be able to make significant improvements to your life.

NLP Techniques for Self Hypnosis

Neuro Linguistic Programming is strongly associated with hypnosis and specifically the work of Milton Erickson. There are many routes into a hypnotic trance and NLP has several techniques that can speed up the process. I think that going through a twenty-minute relaxation induction is great and there are some significant benefits, but what if I want to be in a wide awake hypnotic state…a flow state or what athletes might recognise as being in the zone? Or perhaps I just want to quickly talk to my unconscious mind to make some quick changes and then get on with whatever I am doing. A twenty-minute inductions would not help.

One way would be to anchor a trance state so you can reach this level fast. Anyone that has been on a good NLP Course knows how to use peripheral vision as a route to flow states and how to develop this into anchors for designer states.

Why Use Self Hypnosis Techniques?

By being able to let go of negative emotions around what you don’t want and increasing your motivation for what you do want you are creating a self-propelling unconscious guided missile that is always driving you towards a better life. The implications of this can be huge for example:

  • Installing empowering ideas, beliefs and values such as self-confidence, abundance thinking, the ability to grow your business / role / relationships
  • Letting go of negative emotions like social anxiety, fear of failure and depressive states.
  • Changing habits from nail biting, smoking or getting to the gym.

Your unconscious mind is the storehouse for all of your memories, emotions and habitual behaviour. It is also where you keep your beliefs, values and identity. Using self-hypnosis and NLP techniques you can draw a lot of these things into your conscious awareness and change them.

A twenty-minute cat nap every day might be what you need to grow, change and develop better performance, relationship and lifestyle. Now for the bad news, generally getting this level of proficiency takes training. The good news is that all the key tools to develop powerful self-hypnosis techniques are all in the Advance Persuasion Patterns Course where you can learn to use them with others as well as yourself.

5 Comments on “Self Hypnosis, Using Your Brain for a Change and Lasting Results”

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    Brilliant and interesting read. This is something worth to give a shot. I ponder on what changes it can make in my life–how I can make positive changes to make my life move forward. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  3. Rintu Basu

    I agree with you, children are virtual hypnosis machines…and that could be so useful to them. Unfortunately the way we school them means we drive out all this natural ability. It would make such a differnce if we made some use of our natural ability to access hypnotic states. This is why I recommend everyone should do a hypnosis course.


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    We should be teaching our children to eat real food (meaning vegetables , whole grains and fruit ) and teaching them self- hypnosis so that they can manage their cravings. Children easily learn hypnotherapy and learn quickly how to use hypnosis.

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