Steps to Become Fluent with Conversational Hypnosis

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This article explores some of the issues around learning NLP language patterns and how  you can learn them easily.

How Do You  Make Your Hypnotic Language Patterns Sound Right

When I was a teenager I was a keen guitarist and desperately wanted to be able to play like some of my favourite guitar heroes. I would spend countless hours listening and working out their licks and solos from their recordings.

I used to work out a guitar solo one note at a time and often had to spend hours just working out what was happening in licks and phrases of four or five notes. Once I had the notes worked out I would have to spend hours learning to play them together. My biggest bugbear was that even when I was certain I had all the right notes, in the right order and I struggled with fluency and making it “sound right”.

The solutions had everything to do with the way I was practicing. What has all this got to do with learning to use hypnotic language patterns? Well,  read on  and you will discover some insights about how to   practice your fluency ,  use your patterns   for impact and get some great results.

Learn NLP Language Patterns

When you go on a good NLP Practitioner Course you  learn a different frame for how language works  and then come out with a huge package of language patterns all of which are naturally occurring, some of which you probably already use in real life and others that are completely alien to you.

The trouble with the familiar patterns is that now  you  know the impact  you can never again  use them  in the unconscious way you used to  just use them.  The trouble with the unfamiliar patterns is that because they are unfamiliar you have to go through a learning curve before  you can use them.

Some Practitioners get crippled at this stage and they walk away from the language element for life. Yet with a few pointers on how to practice, develop the confidence and fluency you can  use lots of patterns  within minutes.

Become Fluent with Patterns

As a teenaged guitarist I quickly discovered that I needed to learn those licks and phrases in the context of the whole song or solo, otherwise it was a pointless twiddle that hung in the air doing nothing. In the same way without specific scenarios and contexts to  use your hypnotic language patterns  all you are doing is pointless twiddling.

Another thing I noticed when I started using this approach is that the lick, phrase or pattern started to   sound more natural.  This is because I would  practice the pattern  in the context of the bigger solo. If you  practice your patterns  outside of the context of a conversation when you go to  put them into the conversation  you are potentially building up what musicians call hesitancy.

Hesitency is where as a musician slightly stumbles in their playing because they are coming up to a “difficult bit”. Unfortunately some musicians because of improper practice techniques eventually build the hesitancy into their performance. In the same way some NLP’ers have developed themselves the same problems with their language patterns and may never gain any fluency with their patterns.

Develop Your Own Style

As I was bemoaning the fact I could never sound like the guitarist I was trying to copy a friend of mine pointed out something really important that I have taken into everything else that I have done for the last thirty years. My friend pointed out that I always sound like me when I played the guitar.

When he said this I suddenly realised that my purpose for learning these solos, licks and phrases was not to sound like someone else (however much I admired them) but to  build your vocabulary of patterns  to use the way that you want. This gave me the freedom to take all those licks and phrases and play them over other songs, put them in other solos and change them to deliver the impact that I wanted.

My new way of practicing was to learn a phrase from a solo and then find other places where I could play it. I spent more time adding my new phrase to lots of different songs, I would play the phrase at different speeds, with a different emphasis and add different things in front and behind it. All of a sudden my skills as a guitarist dramatically improved.

In terms of learning NLP Language Patterns when you start to  use patterns and phrases  as part of your normal conversation you  learn flexibility,  you learn about the impact these phrases have and you learn what needs to come before and after to  integrate these patterns into your language.

Whilst I didn’t get any better at sounding like my guitar heroes what I successfully did was  learn a larger vocabulary of patterns  that I made my own. In the same way you can  add patterns to your library  that  become natural and instinctively you.

Practice with Confidence

There is a phrase that is in common usage that can create a long and painful climb to fluency. The phrase, and I urge you to treat this with the distain it deserves, “Practice makes Perfect”. The reality is only “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect“. If you had this then becoming fluent with a whole bunch of patterns can be quick, easy and fun.

There are four parts to being able to  develop perfect practice routines. Firstly; the structure and process that allows you to  practice regularly and consistently. Secondly the confidence to  have a go. Thirdly the insight into what turns practice into perfect practice. The fourth? That you will have to wait as I intend to share it only when I put together my accelerated learning download course. But if you want to experience how these hypnotic accelerated learning principles work together whilst learning hypnotic language patterns then  just click through this link.

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