How to Switch Emotions Quickly, Simply and Powerfully

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I had a profound and powerful experience the other day based on a specific technique. A lot of what I do is about impacting others so it was great to experience a powerful shift for myself.

Judy Rees and the Power Switch

Even more useful is that I was in a very poor place and this one technique completely changed my state and gave me some great results. This article will give you the technique, how you can use it and will deconstruct exactly how I made a powerful shift in my emotions.

Setting the Scene

I have been having a hard time recently. On this particular day I was physically tired, very frustrated having spent far too long trying to get things done and then finding out that the reason it was not working was because of faulty advice. By the end of the day I had a major blow out with someone that is very dear to me.

I am good at kicking myself when I am down. By the end of the day my self esteem was right through the floor and because I “should” know better the self talk I was using was hugely judgemental and geared to beating myself up. I was not feeling good and was in a downward spiral.

What would you like to have happen?

As I was wallowing in self pity I started thinking about a video I had seen a couple of days earlier. This was Judy Rees’ Power Switch. When you watch the video you will see how simple this approach really is. This is what I think happened in my head.

I started by thinking through what had happened, how I felt and then just asked the question, “What would you like to have happen?” I didn’t want to feel good because that would deny the significance of the incident, but I did want to put the incident in context. This would include allowing myself to be human, not having to be a perfect communicator all the time (especially with the people I am close to), that I have some intrinsic value to people and that over time the damage will be repaired.

Already my mood had shifted but I hadn’t realised it yet. The next thing that happened in my head was thinking through what I would like to have happen as I details above. The question, slightly rephrased came at me again, “If this is what you want, how could you make it happen?”

A Fully Formed Strategy

A fully formed strategy just popped into my head. I could put a question out on to The Persuasion Skills Black Book Facebook Page and see what responses it generated. This would do several things, promote some interactivity for my clients and readers, give all of us some opportunity to learn from each other and give me some help and support. This is what I put up on the page:

Tough end to a bad day in an increasingly grim week. Even with these skills sometimes life is going to kick you. Do I need a reframe, a pattern or a metaphor to get me back up and running? The comment that gets me moving the most wins my undying gratitude and quite possibly a prize.

The first response was four minutes after posting. The responses have been great. Some are laugh out loud funny, some very profound, there are great language patterns, cool ideas and an opportunity for me to put things into perspective. Have a look; it is a wall post for Friday at 01:27.

All of a sudden I had added something of value for my readers and clients; I found a way of demonstrating the elegance of Judy’s Power Switch and switch my own mood this was a great night’s work.

Intelligent Influence

Intelligent Influence is the new programme from Judy Rees that I am proud to endorse. So far I have used her Lazy Jedi Questions to win money at poker, I’ve used her Power Switch to help myself and others and I am very conscious of how I am using metaphor to explain the impact of her programme. Click through and see the videos here.

On a final note I am so impressed with Intelligent Influence I have offered a bonus for everyone who buys the course when it launches on Tuesday. My conversation management model is about how you can steer any conversation to where you want it to go. The video deconstructs the process in great detail and is forty minutes long but you can see the first ten minutes on You Tube. Have a look at this conversation hypnosis technique here and remember you can get a full copy of this video as part of the launch of Intelligent Influence on Tuesday.

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