Persuasion Skills 101, Using Emotions

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Any reader of my articles will have heard me banging on about the power of emotions and how persuasive they are. This article actively demonstrates just how much more persuasive you can be with only a couple of little tweaks to the way you approach people.

 Core Persuasion Skills, the Emotional Content

One piece of the startlingly obvious is that when you use emotions people are likely to be drawn into your message. It is one thing knowing this; it is another to see it actively demonstrated. In the video you are about to watch you will see Marcus Oakey ( giving you direct evidence of how much more persuasive an emotion led response really is.

Even if you think this is amazingly obvious have a watch of what he does because he is also covertly teaching the viewer a simple but very powerful walk up strategy that you can use anywhere. In the video Marcus uses it to approach total strangers on the streets, but you could use the same approach for whenever you are meeting people whether they are known to you or not. Have a look and we can then take about this further.

Incidentally you really need to sign up for Marcus’s newsletter. I have just read his free eBook and it is pure gold dust.

Hypnosis and Directing the Flow of the Conversation

This next video is about conversation management. Once you have got yourself into the conversation as a persuasion artist your next job will be to direct the flow of the conversation, eliciting emotions and generally moving your subject to where you want to go.

This sounds like it is a complicated process, but the reality is that it can be a really simple thing to learn. Here is video explaining the core concepts. The whole process is full written up in the Persuasion Skills Black Book and this video is a bonus that is part of the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course.


If you want to learn how you can, within minutes of meeting someone, use trance effects to make them feel good about meeting you and the conversation you are having whilst attaching positive emotions to your product, service or just to yourself then the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course is something you should have a look at.



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