NLP Rapport and How to get it Wrong

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There is a lot of woolly minded thinking about rapport so over a few short posts let us discuss some practical ideas.

NLP Rapport for Hypnotic Persuasion

Here are the two most common problems with developing good rapport techniques.

  1. Failing to use a practical or useful definition for rapport
  2. Thinking of rapport as a thing rather than as a process…i.e. the process of rapport

My definition of rapport – The process of increasing the responsiveness of your client / subject / target / audience.

Compare this definition with the one you use and let me know your thoughts.

Find Out More

On the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme we take this definition and create processes that you can use to:

  • Covertly take charge of any conversation even allowing the other person the illusion of control
  • Develop charisma patterns that leave an audience screaming for your attention
  • Bind emotional states so your subject automatically thinks of you when you want them to

And how to create your own rapport process

To find out more about NLP Persuasion Skills and the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme click through this link.

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