Persuasion Skills on Steroids, How to Practice

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The issue about hypnotic language patterns is not about understanding but it is all about creating opportunities to practice.

Practicing Hypnotic Persuasion Skills

In the video clip below you can see me demonstrating a combination of patterns and how to practice them with a live stooge or a study buddy.

The clip is from Persuasion Skills on Steroids, An Unreleased Three Hour Persuasion Skills Video. It shows a combination language pattern that includes:

The links above will take you to articles that explain the jargon if you don’t already know what the labels mean.

In the video I then go on to demonstrate how you can practice the pattern by just continually using it whatever the other person says. Here is the link to the Persuasion Skills Video Clip.

You can see this and many more videos on the Facebook page for The Persuasion Skills Black Book

Persuasive Techniques Competition

I am giving away three copies of Persuasion Skills on Steroids. All you have to do is write a short piece on the Facebook page persuading me to send you a copy using some of your favourite patterns. The first three people to post win a copy of this unreleased video.

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