Hypnotic Persuasion Skills, Binding Thoughts and Sealing Commitment

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In the last blog we discussed how Grant managed to increase sales by over 50%. Today we are going to look at a couple of techniques Grant used to get that result.

Fact Finding to Increase Desire

In this first audio clip you will hear me demonstrate and explain how you can easily gain control of a conversation and build desire in your subject. This is the first part of a Sales Persuasion Master Class I ran with Bryan McCormack, the author of Sell Your Self: Act Your Way to Sales Success.

In this clip you will hear me use the pattern directly on Dave and Grant as a vehicle to explaining how it works. Listen a couple of times and you will quickly pick up how easy this is to use this powerful Language Pattern.

It is obvious how you can use this in a sales context so once you have listened to this clip here are a couple of questions for you to think about to broaden out the idea. How would you use the same concept to ask questions of:

  • Your child to get him / her to do their homework?
  • A seller to get them to give you a discount?
  • A date to get excited about where you will be going?
  • An audience to get them excited about your talk or presentation?

Future Pace to Seal Commitment

This next audio clip is really useful. Think about a situation where you want someone to do something for you and you had a pattern that could get them to imagine having already done the task and are enjoying great benefits from having done it. Can you already imagine how useful that sort of pattern would be? Because if you can then you are just about to hear a pattern that is even more powerful than that.

Consider a situation where you are going to ask someone to do something they will not enjoy. How good would it be if you could get them to imagine the fun things they will be doing once they have finished the “unpleasant” bit and then seal their commitment to getting it done? All you have to do is listen to this clip a couple of times where I demonstrate and explain this process to Grant. This is another clip from the Sales Persuasion Master Class.

Sign Up To Get More

There are more clips from this master class that you can have delivered straight to you. There are some great bits of Bryan McCormack explaining how to build a sales persona with super selling skills. Bryan also explains how you can use acting skills to gain people’s interest and protect yourself from rejection and failure. All you need to get more is sign up here.

And Even More to Come

In a few days I am going to reveal to you how you can get a copy of this master class and a whole lot more completely free. Here is just a little of what you can expect:

  • A specially recorded Dark Side Audio from Kenrick Cleveland
  • A Transcript of Joshua Houghton and Taylor Sherman Hypnotic Language Patterns
  • Nathan Thomas’s Ultimate Hypnotic Persuasion Mastery Pack
  • My Persuasion Skills on Steroids 3 Hour video set

These are just a few that I know about. Trust me there is a whole lot more and you can get all of it for free. Stay tuned over the next few days and you can find out how.

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