The Structure of a Pattern Interrupt

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The last article about pattern interrupts provoked some questions. So much so I thought I would explain the structure of the technique and explain why it worked in a few cases and not all of them. In case you missed it, you can see the previous article on Pattern Interrupts here:

NLP Training Going Beyond Positive Thinking

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There is a lot propagated in the personal development field about positive thinking. This article is about how dangerous taking a simplistic idea of positive thinking can be, how you can actually use the concept and some practical application for restructuring the basis of your entire reality.

NLP Techniques, Ideas and Applications

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One of the things I find limiting about much of the mainstream NLP Community is the lack of imagination and the tendency to limit NLP to confine NLP applications to just therapy. NLP is much more than that and this article is about how some people are breaking those boundaries.

Hypnotic Persuasion and Politicians

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This article deconstructs a political speech from Tony Blair in parliament. There are some very powerful language patterns throughout the speech that are easy to transplant to other situations and contexts. This article is the first of two showing you how to model persuasion patterns and move them to another context.