Street Vendors and NLP Techniques

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This article is late. I had an article all prepared to post up this morning but on my way into work I had the most perfect demonstration of some amazing persuasion patterns and just had to share it with you.

The Myth of NLP Rapport

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In yesterday’s post we looked at a couple of things that would stop you developing good rapport skills.  Today we will look at a way of developing rapport that is calculated to give you minimum results for a huge amount of effort but is still taught as commonplace amongst the NLP community.

What Makes You Do What You Do

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I am asked this question a lot. Often it is just so one of my graduates can show off their new found values elicitation skills by trying to persuade me to give them a massive discount on something (great try Jason and I hope you realise paying for dinner was being let off lightly).

NLP Sensory Systems and Persuasion Skills

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Here is part of an email I received from Jeff last week. I love the stuff you sent me about peripheral vision, my presentations are getting better already. I have to give a talk to my board next week. I know my CEO and CFO are really visual but there are two or three people that I don’t know. Should … Read More