An NLP Practitioner Training Course for Trainers

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The master keys that every great trainer and public speaker needs to know. How to integrate the most powerful accelerated and hypnotic learning techniques into any presentation delivery you can imagine.

Just imagine being able to:

  1. design presentations that have twice the impact in half the time
  2. turn that resistant group to willing participants
  3. train on a deep unconscious level so even the most complex operations seem like second nature

As you look at these, you might say this is beyond belief. But just think for a moment if it were possible, how would you feel spending a few minutes finding out how?

Like me, trainers, managers, consultants and public speakers have experienced some, if not all of the following:

  • Confusion over knowing there are skills gaps in the team but not knowing how to fill them.
  • Frustration at knowing a particular programme is needed but not being able to explain the return of investment.
  • Overwhelm at having to design courses that you know nothing about.
  • Anger at having brilliant programme ideas turned down because the’ boss’ doesn’t understand the need.
  • Apathy at having to deliver dry, boring subjects.
  • Anxiety from knowing you have to deliver a course that every one needs, but no one likes.
  • Fear from having to deliver a presentation without any preparation time.
  • Nerves at not knowing your material even though you spent the whole night revising it all for the tenth time.
  • Hostile towards a heckler, know it all or control freak because you have lost control of the group.
  • Frightened because you have suddenly forgotten what to say.
  • Embarrassment at having to keep referring to your notes for the simplest things.
  • Hysterical when you have tried every which way but the group still don’t get it.
  • Paranoia because the group are simply not interested in what you have to say.
  • Panic as the low ball question suddenly gets asked
  • Annoyed because there is no effective way of tracking the results of your courses.

Trust me, having worked in the development field for more years that I like to remember in a variety of roles and organisations I have gone through all of the above several times over. But what if there was a course out there that could demonstrate how to deal with every one of those issues and then give you even more results? I don’t know how much value you are putting on a course like that, but at the beginning of my training career I would have sold my mother to get on it.

Thanks for a brilliant course. As a trainer new to NLP I researched courses to find one that would hit the spot. Yours was the only one that seemed to deal with concrete and specific training challenges.

I was sceptical that you could get so much into such a short space of time. But I now know just how much you can accelerate learning.

I went back to work and within a few days the feedback on my courses had increased. I have redesigned our business course, dramatically reducing the time and with a significant increase in content. I am also having great fun designing a whole raft of new courses that I know I have the confidence to sell to the management and deliver for results.

As a trainer I have so many new tools to use, but as a person I have grown and developed immensely.

Thanks for an experience that will be with me for the rest of my life.

John McKinstry
Sales Training Consultant

Since taking the course John is now the author of the critically acclaimed Anger in the Office:
Take a minute to stop and consider having been on a course and come back knowing confidently that you can:

  1. Design, develop and deliver presentations that have significant impact in less than half the time you used to take.
  2. Sell these courses internally or externally simply because you know how to demonstrate a huge return of investment.
  3. Turn a book into a training course in a matter of hours…even on a subject you know nothing about.
  4. Confidently deal with any situation in a training room with ease.

All of this might seem a little amazing, but bluntly the range of tools you get from being certified as an NLP Practitioner makes all of the above really simple when you know the process. The key here is not just learning the tools but how to use them in a fluent, flexible process that means you are always driving toward your outcomes.

I do get asked about how is it feasible to cram so much into just nine days. It would not be honest if I didn’t say this was an intensive course with a huge amount of content and that you will work hard. And the reality is that all the techniques that you will learn on the course are being used throughout by me to help you to accelerate your learning. Very early in the course you will reassess what you think is achievable and how much you can learn in a short space of time.

We also pre assess everyone on the course. You can only attend if you are capable of taking the pace and have a specific context in mind for learning these skills.

In fact I am so confident in this course that I am willing to offer not one, but two 100% risk free cast iron guarantees.

The first is if you are not entirely happy with the course for whatever reason by the end of the first day you will be given; no questions asked a full refund of the value of the course.

The second is by the end of the course if you are not entirely happy that I have covered all the material in sufficient depth for you to practice and use in your context I will continue to work with you, absolutely free of charge until you have got your results.
I am happy to give you both guarantees simply because before I let you on the course I want you to be certain that you are going on the one course that will give you the results that you want.

No one has ever taken me up on either guarantee and I would like to keep it that way so even before you go on the course I want you to be certain that before you leave you will be able to:

  • Assess skills gaps in any team and know you can deliver a programme to fill them.
  • Easily explain the return of investment for any course that you design.
  • Design courses that you know nothing about quickly, easily and simply.
  • Have brilliant programme ideas and just know you can sell them into anyone even if they normally object.
  • Deliver dry, boring subjects in a fresh new way, time and time again.
  • Volunteer to deliver courses that every one needs, but no one likes knowing that the audience will love you and the course anyway.
  • Relish the challenge of delivering presentations without any preparation time.
  • Spend minutes revising your material and know that is enough to deliver a faultless presentation.
  • Preframe your audience to deal with hecklers on your behalf.
  • Always have the right thing to say ready for when you need it.
  • Use notes rarely if at all.
  • Explain things to groups so they get in at a deep unconscious level as well as consciously.
  • Get any group excited about any subject you want.
  • Use any low ball question to deliver the message you want it to deliver.
  • Set up effective way of tracking the results of your courses before they are even designed.

Thanks for the course. As you know I looked at several NLP companies and even spoke to one of them before speaking to you. Your course was the only one that caught my interest and I was glad you took time to speak to me about it.

As for ROI, just that one model of values to results I use almost every day. I’ve integrated it into all our management development and we are using it to restructure our organisation.

I suppose I would not have sent two others on the course or got you to deliver programmes in house if I did not recognise the value of your concepts and models.

Thanks for your help

Euan Batton
Learning and Development Manager

If you are confident that these benefits are worth the value of the course then find out about the latest NLP Practitioner Training Course right here:

Human Brain


3 Comments on “An NLP Practitioner Training Course for Trainers”

  1. Rintu Basu

    Hi Vijay,
    Since I am Indian by birth it would give me great pleasure to deliver NLP courses in India. Unfortunately I have no plans to yet as I need a local organiser to arrange things there. If you know of anyone that could arrange and market locally for me then I think this could be a really profitable venture for them. That said for the right training you might consider traveling.



  2. vijayaraghavan

    Dear Sir,
    I wish to attend the nlp cours. please furnish me the details regarding the same, if your esteemed institution will be conducting any such courses either at kerala or at bangalore.
    thanking you sir,

  3. Rintu Basu

    Hi Eric,
    Thanks for saying. I have worked really hard at the content and Dave has done a great job in both the web design and developing a traffic pulling strategy.

    Anyway you have done a great job of setting up and anticipation loop, so I hope you are coming back.

    If you don’t know what an anticipation loop is I am writing an article on them right now, which will be up on the web site in a day or so. Come back and have a read you will be amazed at how simple they are and how you can really draw people in. In fact have a look through the site now and see if you can spot some of the methods I use.


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