7 Reasons You Must Learn Embedded Commands

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There is a way that  you can embed commands  into your language. This won’t automatically make anyone do what  you want  them to do. But that said you will  get them to  think more about it.

How Embedded Commands Work

But by the nature of how embedded commands work they will have to think about the thing  you want  them to think about however briefly.  What they do from there is up to them but  you will have embedded the thought  into their heads. Here are seven reasons  you need to know about embedded commands.

1. Control How the Masses Think

Politicians use embedded commands in their speech continually. One of my favourites was a speech by Tony Blair a few years ago where he continually used the phrase, “We Like America, need to ….” Needless to say at the time support in the UK for American foreign policy was low and our Tony wanted to change that. If  you can embed commands directly into your speeches, presentations and conversations just how much more can you move people the way you want them to go? How much would  you want to learn about how to do this?

2. Accidentally Embedded Headaches

A few years ago I was listening to two women talking whilst they were on a break. One woman complained about a headache and then purely by accident spent the next five minutes using embedded commands to install the same headache in her friend. I was only eavesdropping and even I had the headache. If she could do this by accident imagine what people might willfully be doing to us. Do  you want to learn  how to stop this happening by accident?

3. Making Business Appointments

A friend of mine a few years ago started a telephone campaign to increase her profile and engage with prospects. After a couple of days of non committal responses, lots of frustration and many hours on the phone  she asked for my help. I changed two words in her script and got her to use command tonality with her voice. In short we changed two sentences from weak questions to strong embedded commands. The next day she got four appointments from eight calls.

4. Getting Dates

A friend of mine changed a sentence on his on-line dating profile to read something like, “Only  contact me if you want…” and then he bullet pointed a list of benefit statements about dating him. He got more contacts that day than he had for over a week.

5. Making Sales

A telesales agent I recently coached has started using this sort of pattern:

“Before you consider buying let’s talk about the benefits so you can make the right decision. That way you can buy with confidence.”

Read through as  you think about embedded commands  and see how many are in the above sentence. I have deliberately not marked out the voice intonation so  you have to get  this for yourself. Once you have got at least three just imagine how powerful a simple sentence like this can be…and what will happen when  you learn to construct and deliver this sort of thing. It has added on average an extra sale a day to an already high average.

6. Having Fun

A couple of years ago I was working with a friend of mine on some persuasion techniques and I hit upon a simple way of installing a sequence of thoughts and attaching that to a common action that you might do daily. Just for a laugh and a test of the process I conversationally got my friend to think through a sequence of thoughts that are a little rude to put on a public blog and then attached those thoughts to the flicking of a light switch. It was a couple of days before my friend managed to stop thinking those thoughts whenever he turned on a switch.

Imagine if you could get your customers to go through how great your product is every time they see you. Or a date to think about the great time they had with you as they go to sleep and again when they wake up the next morning and then to continue doing this for a week or more. When you think about embedded commands how many practical examples come up where you can find them really useful?

7. Other People are using them on You

Advertisers, Sales Professional, Politicians all know about these ideas and are not shy using them. A quick trawl around the internet will give you hundreds of examples from Tony Blair to Barrack Obama from internet marketers to TV advertising. You need to learn about embedded commands to understand how they are being used on you.

8. Bonus Point

They work. I recently sent out an email on a Thursday. The message was “Don’t Buy This Book because on Monday you will be able to get it for free.” I kept hammering the “don’t BUY THIS BOOK” command just for the fun of doing it. But the message was blatant and obvious…On the Monday you would be able to download the book for free.

Imagine my surprise when I found that a handful of people had bought the book anyway. Okay, it wasn’t very many at all and if the plan had been to get them to buy the book I would have been disappointed. But given the actual message I am quite impressed with what happened.

How can I learn more?

Downloading the Advanced Persuasion Patterns will give you a system for learning embedded commands as well as much more. To find out click through now to  read about this comprehensive course  on hypnotic persuasion skills.



7 Comments on “7 Reasons You Must Learn Embedded Commands”

  1. Rintu Basu

    Sadly Toby,
                       I think I will be hung out to dry if my mate found out that I told publicly what I did to him.



    1. Rintu Basu

      The short answer is yes. A slight longer would include the phrase the quality of answers that you get are dependant on the quality of questions that you ask.



  2. Matthewkennedy

    I have been using the embedded commands in number 5 for two weeks now. It works really well and it gets a customer to focus on “these are the benefits of the products that I can buy” rather than “these are products that a salesman is trying to force on me”.

    1. Rintu Basu

      Thanks Matthew,
      You are right. I used to get surprised at how much just a little shift in your language makes a huge difference in results.

      The bigger pattern you have in what you are doing is giving your prospect the illusion of choice. This is something I am always in favour of.



  3. Rintu Basu

    I’m not sure how useful it is to imagine two schools of NLP and force yourself to choose between the two? At the very least consider taking the best of both. You might also consider not putting these boundaries on. Just because Grinder and Bandler have their differences doesn’t mean the rest of us have to follow suit.

  4. Gisele Jaillet

    Great information source and an simple read. I’m glad ive found your site because it will facilitatemy study of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The map is definately not the territory!Not too certain if i ought to be following the Grinder or Bandler college of NLP currently

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