Authority vs. Rapport in an Organisational Context

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I have a video for you today. In it we discuss the nature of rapport (lots of people get this disastrously wrong), interrupting patterns of thought, using social status and group values in an organisational setting.

This video is part of a strategy session I had with Frank and I am using it with his permission. I have edited out a considerable portion of the session primarily to keep the length of the video down.

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Meanwhile back at the video:

The Situation

Frank has a team that need the help of a group of planners. The planners have some organisational power; they are resistant to change, and they are blocking the things that Frank’s team want to do.

The video picks up from where I have uncovered most of the information I need and am summarising the information before making suggestions to Frank.

Through the video we discuss:

  • The difference and implications of long and short term gains
  • The nature of rapport particularly in an organisational context
  • How to interrupt habitual patterns of thought covertly
  • Using social status as a persuasion tool
  • Utilising positive and negative group values

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