Accelerated Learning and Rapport Mastery

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I have had a few emails about applying accelerated learning. This article is about one of my generally approaches to accelerated learning and specifically how I approached John Vincent’s Rapport Mastery Programme to get the best from it.

Accelerated Learning Themes

An easy way of really ramping up your learning is to take small chunks of information and immediately putting them to use. This may feel like it takes longer to get through it but the reality is we generally overestimate what we can do in the short term and underestimate what we can do in the long term.

The little and often approach creates over learning, gives us little excuse to not find a way of fitting it in and if used diligently creates learning anchors. I will explain this a little more below when I take you through my example.

Another general theme around accelerated learning is you tend to remember the things you use or have some application for rather than anything that is just theoretical. For me this means immediately trying or applying whatever I am learning. Sometimes this is not possible in the real world so the best substitute is visualising how I would apply it. If what you are studying is a theoretical concept explaining it to someone else might be a good way of “getting it into the muscle.”

One final theme that is worth noting for the moment is that we learn best when we can connect new material to what we already know. Again by applying things we are connecting new (what you are learning) to old (situation or context).

All of these are reasons why with The Persuasion Skills Black Book I have deliberately taken the stance of ten minutes daily practice. But let’s look at John Vincent’s Rapport Master Course and see how this is a really great accelerated learning approach to a key persuasion skill.

Rapport Mastery in Less than Five Minutes a Day

John has created a course that is delivered in five minute video lessons every week day. Here is the specific process I used to get the best from the course.

My routine tasks when I get into the office start with checking my emails. I find the rapport email and play the video while I am responding to my emails. I am not consciously listening or watching, just having it play in the background while I work. This creates a sense of familiarity with the material for when I watch it properly, basically I am taking it in subliminally.

Once I have finished with my emails for the morning I will properly watch the video. It’s only five minutes so it is not something that particularly impacts my day. By creating this system I am anchored to doing this and it is just part of my daily routine. This is to the point where it feels strange for me not to do it.

John has brilliantly done all the hard work for you so you don’t need to break the content down into small chunks. He also leaves you with a task, activity or thought for the day. Usually I will immediately take the lesson and apply it to something. I have several victims I can play with in the office building I work from, there is my long suffering business partner, our curious, wanting to know more receptionist and the completely innocent newsagents downstairs.

If applicable and I have the time I will immediately start a conversation specifically to notice or do whatever it is that I am taking away from the video. This could range from asking questions to elicit a certain response, just watching for particular patterns or trying to explain what I have just learnt.

Other approaches I have used include going straight on to doing my phone calls whilst the new learning is in my head. Where applicable I might watch a news broadcast or listen to an interview. My personal favourite though is to rewatch earlier videos looking for John’s responses. I like this because it means I am over learning the other material at the same time.

All of this might take me another ten minutes and I will admit there are often days when I won’t do that, or I am too busy. On those days I will set an alarm on my phone or computer (I don’t wear a watch) for some time during the day when I know I will have a few minutes spare and I can focus on the task of integrating the material.

Finally at the end of my day I check my emails again. I keep video email in my inbox until the end of the day. This is to remind me to quickly review the results I have got and what I have learnt from the exercise during the day.

It seems like a lot of effort when I write it down in this way. But consider how this will take you only minutes to do and within a few days it will be so much part of your routine that you will feel strange if you don’t do it.

Of course with other programmes and course material you do have to spend some time breaking things into relevant chunks and you don’t get them fed to you in your in box every day. But that is just one of the reasons why The Rapport Master Programme is so easy to learn from. Just take these principles and you should be able to apply it to any form of learning.

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  1. Daniel

    Hi Rintu,

    Just read what you had to say about Rapport Mastery and it seems we use similar methods to assimilate information. I always have your MP3’s going while reading or writing other material. I wondered how you felt about subliminal input and now I guess I have some idea. Thanks for the reinforcement that I am moving in the proper direction. Maybe you should put all your material in a sandwich so we could all fill our stomachs while housekeeping (or mind keeping).

    Thank you,

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