Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Tactics for Sales

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A couple of weeks ago I recorded a sales masterclass with Bryan McCormack the author of Sell Your Self. Grant a young advertising sales man took the information and against all odds increased his sales by 50% over and above the rest of his team. You can hear him talking about his results using some very cool NLP Persuasion Skills.

NLP Techniques and Sales

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This article looks generally at how some NLP Techniques relate to sales. Many people do not realise that applying for jobs is just sales technique. If you are interested in exploring Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques applied to job searching skills then have a look at the Hypnotic Interview Skills Programme.

NLP Sales Process, Deconstructed

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Here is version of my Sales Process with some of the elements of NLP deconstructed. I hope by reading through this you can get some ideas of your own and it demonstrates where and how elements of NLP can be integrated into a sales process.