How to Install or Change Beliefs

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This article explores deep seated unconscious values and beliefs, how they can make you an irresistible persuader.

Programming Deep Unconscious Behaviour

In the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme we spend quite some time exploring unconscious drivers, how to elicit them, use them and also how you can change or install new ones in your audience. To be able to do this conversationally and covertly is a key tool in hypnotic persuasion because these unconscious drivers are incredibly powerful. You also get active demonstrations of this as the course shows you how to install the values and beliefs of an irresistible persuader at the same time as giving you the tools to be exactly that.

If you have ever had the situation where you have consciously decided to do something but you distract yourself or find yourself doing something different this could be your values operating. Your unconscious mind is a much more powerful motivator than your conscious mind therefore you might consciously decide to go to the gym but your unconscious mind might just reach for a tub of ice cream instead. Trust me over time your unconscious mind will always win.

Imagine the power you have over your own mind if you can realign your values to support what you want to do. How would it be if you could change your values so you are motivated towards your results and then you take away any limiting beliefs and place in some empowering ones? The video below will give you a lot more detail about beliefs and values in a training context.


NLP Coaching with Values and Beliefs

Here is a fairly typical scenario I have seen with some of the clients I have worked with. Consciously this guy wants to make more money but he values having fun as more important than building his business. For this person there are a couple routes he could go. For example he could realign the criteria for his values so that building business is one definition of fun for him. Another approach might be to make building business a higher value than having fun. There are several other roads this guy could take but this should be enough idea for you to get the picture.

Once he has looked at his values it might be useful for him to think about his beliefs. For example here are a range of beliefs that I have come across that would make this guy’s life difficult in this context:

  • You have to work really hard to make money
  • I don’t deserve to be rich
  • The only people that have money are crooks, sharks and the greedy
  • Money is the root of all evil

Can you see how these sorts of beliefs would cause this guy to falter?

The trick as a coach is to be able to analyse you client on the basis of their values and beliefs and then how to swap and change them around. The same is true of personal development work that you are doing for yourself. One of the things I have been working on is a bunch of models and processes that make this simple to do. This is what I will be outlining for the NLP 96 group on Tuesday 15th.

The Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme uses these concepts to develop an incredibly powerful persuasive personality and as you work through the course you will see how I consistently apply a particular approach to ensuring that you have the values and beliefs in place to support the use of the incredibly powerful hypnotic persuasion tools that you learn on the course. This is what makes Advanced Persuasion Patterns different from most Hypnotic Persuasion Skills programmes on the internet. We certainly discuss those powerful tools and how they work, but both overtly and covertly right through the course I am working with you to install the values and beliefs that can make you an irresistible persuader. Click through and find out more here:



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