Dealing with Objection in Interviews

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I have been emailed some great questions that come up in interview and asked how you can deal with them. So this article is about using NLP Language Patterns to deflect questions from what you don’t want to talk about towards the points you want to make.

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Here is the email from Barry:

Last Thursday 3 pm

Hi Rintu

I hope you are good and I just thought I would drop you an email, firstly to thank you for all of your work and support, I have just done part of the Persuasion Skills on Steroids, it’s a great piece of work.

As you might remember I used your interview skills book and course to great effect exactly two years ago. (Click through and read the article here – Rintu)

Well to get you up to speed I got a call a few weeks ago from a “head hunting” agency re another position. I really really didn’t think I would be thinking about possibly moving again so quickly but it interested me and also I have become a little disenchanted with my present company, I have now been able to pin point it, it’s become clear after persuasion on steroids. It’s that my top level values are mis matched with my bosses.

So, I have had one face to face and one telephone interview and am now going next week for a face to face with the company. I have been spending as much time as poss. reviewing your fantastic material and preparing for it.

I was wondering if you could help me with two points they are bound to ask and I am struggling with a bit

1. Is that they want someone to stay in the post, and my CV demonstrated I have moved after 2-3 years

2. They are really pushing for me to disclose my current package, I have managed to not divulge it so far, part of it is that my contract stated I am not allowed to divulge it so I would be in breach, also obviously it compromised my negotiations.

I got the email a few days ago re the NLP course in Sept/Oct and would really like to attend, not quite sure at the moment due to the possibility of a new job but hope to be able to make it happen.

Thanks for your support Rintu

Kind regards


PS of course would love to write anything for the web if you want

The Balance of Power in Job Hunting

Let’s start with Barry’s first question. This company wants to employ someone that will stay with them for a few years. My immediate response to that is, “What are the company prepared to do to make this happen?”

Companies often seem to demand loyalty from their employees. I think they are counting on the normal inertia of people and the idea that it is difficult to find good jobs. When you have been through my Job Hunting System you will find, like Barry is that you become more independent and in demand.

This means that you can start looking at companies for a fair exchange of values. I think every employee should be giving their company a great service, that is their end of the contract. In return the company should be giving the employee a great return of investment that goes well beyond just a salary.

Whenever either party is not feeling like they are get a good return of investment I think it is legitimate to look elsewhere. So I am back to the argument that if the company want Barry to stay for a long time they also have a responsibility to provide Barry with an environment that means he will want to say.

Now the only issue is how to articulate this in a way that is not confrontational.

Answering Questions with What You Want to Say

My inclination is to talk to them about this fair exchange of value to preframe the standard “the issue isn’t (x,) it’s (y)” language pattern. In practice this might look like:

“I believe in a fair exchange of values. I want to work in an environment that allows me to give you a massive return of investment and I can provide results that are way above target because I am passionate and enthusiastic about the products, the markets, people and company I work with. So long as I have that I will stay with your company. Who wouldn’t? So the issue isn’t will I stay but very much about how the company will work with me to create the environment where I will want to keep providing you that service. How do you see the company working with me to create this situation as we move forward?”

Okay that is a little clunky because I am trying to force in a lot of other patterns for you to catch. Read it out loud and keep playing with the emphasis to find the embedded commands and look for the forced presuppositions, I/ You shifts and future paces. But simply all we are saying is that so long the company provides me what I want and I keep providing the company what they want we can keep this going forever.

Meanwhile Back at the Point

To summarise this process, all you are doing is preframing where you want the conversation to go, using an x/y redefine pattern to move it there and then adding a future pace question to your answer to get the interviewer talking about how the company will help you stay there for longer than a couple of years.

Take a few objections that come up for you in various situations and see if you can generate a few patterns based on this idea. After a few goes you will find the concept easy to think through. And then the only issue is not thinking the patterns up but using them in the heat of the moment. And that is an easy thing to resolve with practice.

You obviously saw me using the same approach in the paragraph above. And you will have noticed that I set the pattern up by talking about objections. So for practice take the patterns you have thought of deliberately start a conversation with someone with the express intention of using the pattern. A couple of goes at this and you will very quickly find yourself doing this automatically.

And Now Question Two

In response to their question I would probably answer something like this:

“Before I ask the question can I just clarify what I am being asked? I made a contract with my existing company not to disclose my salary. If I understand you right you are asking me to break that contract. As such where does that leave our relationship right from the start? You will know me as a person that automatically breaks contracts and I will know your company as an organisation that is prepared to act outside any ethical considerations. Is this the way you would choose to start our relationship? What was the question again?”

In simple terms I am just moving the frame to encompass a large perspective.

NLP Job Hunting

A while back Barry went through my NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills material, secured himself a great new job and is now moving even faster. When you read the book you will find a number of others doing similar things. We look specifically at Sue who used the approach twice in less than a year and went from being desperately unhappy in a dead end low paid job to flying around the world on an executive salary.

I can’t promise you the same results, there are too many variables. What I can say is that if you take the material and apply it diligently you will drastically improve your chances. Here is where you can find the book:


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