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I am often astounded by some of the results that graduates of my NLP Practitioner Courses get.  This is the story of Sharon who in the space of a year managed to change jobs twice and double her salary. 

How to double your salary in less than a year using NLP Techniques

If you want to know in detail the skills Sharon used have a look at my Hypnotic Persuasion and Interview Skills Programme.

NLP Outcomes

I first met Sharon at a party.  She told me that she was working as a trainer in a large organisation, felt she was undervalued and really didn’t get on with her manager.  Sharon also expressed an interest in attending an NLP Practitioner Course. As usual I was asking her about her expectations and what she wanted to achieve from the course.  Her answer was that she wanted a new job, still within the training profession but with more responsibility, variety and in an organisation where she felt valued.

NLP CV Writing

Prior to the course I spent time with Sharon showing her how to use hypnotic language on her CV.  Sharon spent the time working on her CV to make it trigger hot buttons with recruiters, she developed anticipation loops and appealed directly to the values of the organisations that she was applying to.

Very quickly the CV was pulling results and Sharon was getting interviews.  In fact she had to have an afternoon off from the course specifically to attend the interview for the job that she eventually accepted.

Covert Hypnotic Patterns for Job Interviews

During the course Sharon spent time learning how to take covert control of a formal meeting such as an interview.  She learned how to use her language to create more believability, professionalism and to draw the interviewer into a heightened state of responsiveness.  She also learned high level presentation skills and training techniques as well as how you would tweak them for an interview situation.

Sharon learnt a specific structure for answering interview questions that not only fully answered any question but also layered in hypnotic language automatically. As well as developing patterns that lead the listener into imagining Sharon already doing the job.

Using all this material is it any wonder that Sharon was quickly offered the job.  The job was a big step up from her previous role.  Sharon had to use a lot of the NLP techniques that she had learnt on her NLP Practitioner Course for her new role.

Building Self Confidence with NLP

Often when people come to me about career change I asked them if they are prepared for it.  Because using these techniques it is very easy to get offered the job that you want.  Often people find that the thing that stops them is their beliefs about themselves and their own self-confidence.

“Getting the job was easier than doing it initially.  At first I didn’t quite have the confidence for the role, particularly since there were a lot of politics and I had a difficult manager.  I had to use a lot of NLP Techniques to change my beliefs and develop confidence.  But as Rintu says this is normal when stepping outside your comfort zone and you just have to hang in there until it becomes normal.  Very quickly I learnt more about doing the work and became more comfortable with my position in the company.  As my confidence grew I realised I could do even better.  So I picked up the interview process that Rintu showed me and I did it again.”

Getting Results from NLP Training

Incredibly less than a year on from her NLP Practitioner Course Sharon had doubled her salary and is in a strategic role where she is performing brilliantly.  She works for the business at a high level within the Learning and Development area as well as designing and delivering good quality training.  In fact on several occasions she has been flown internationally for the company to design and deliver training courses because she has an expertise that they can’t find in the local contingent of the company.

Warning!! NLP Results are Dangerous

Can anyone do this?  The short answer is yes. The more complex answer is you need to have the tools, the technology and the process.  You can gain all of this easily from a good NLP Practitioner Course.  Over and above this you need to have the will to do what is necessary, the outcome in mind and the courage to see it through. If you want to short-cut the whole process the course consider an NLP Practitioner Course.

I can guarantee that by starting on this path at some point you will have to step outside your comfort zone and will be challenged by your own limiting self beliefs.  At this point you can stop and go back to all your old patterns of behaviour or you can do what Sharon did, grit your teeth and hang in there until you break down the barriers to your own limitations. The question I really want to ask you is are you ready for the challenges of a face to face NLP Practitioner Course? If you are then click through and find out more here:

Human Brain

5 Comments on “NLP Training for Career Change”

  1. gopinath


    I am a proud NLPian and also i am using the NLP techniques in my Career and it has really changed my Career. Till yesterday people will not care about my career or rather no managers will respect my work (no appreciation towards my work and growth). I fed up and with the help of my friend and a trainer i took up this course in Chennai marvellous change today i am recognised by each higher official and also my role got changed and also my salary part has increased to some extent. Thanks for the Powerful technology.


  2. Rintu Basu

    I’m not sure I am qualified to answer that question. All the coach training I have been involved with has been UK based. I have noticed that the USA Coaching training tends to look more at telephone cocahing and the UK face to face coaching, but even that has changed over the years to the UK embracing more telephone work.

    I am sure there are cultural differences but having been trained and having trained UK Exec Coaches I have little evidence to measure those differences.


  3. joetotheman

    You are the brick! Reading stuff like this written in the way like this is a great pleasure for me.

  4. Rintu Basu

    Hi Ken,
    On the site I feature the result that the graduates from my courses have achieved as well as associates, so they are not independant in that respect. Whilst I ask people for the case studies, feedback and comments they do not have to give them to me and I have no hold over the people that are featured so they are independant from that respect.

    If you are looking for research and hard evidence of some of NLP Techniques you can find a whole lot both for and against all over the internet. I have some views which will be on a post on this site sometime soon. But for the moment try here as a start for your own stdy.

    Thanks for the comment as it has given me some ideas for several new articles.


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