Attitude and Persuasion Techniques

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This post is about changing your own mind using Hypnotic Language Patterns

NLP Persuasive Techniques and Telephone Calls

Here is the first part of Tim’s email from the last post:

I’ve been back to your site over the past couple of days and rediscovered my motivation. I lost my focus in NLP for a while because of my job: I sell property for a living in NZ and as you can imagine, in this market my main concern has been keeping my head above water. Actually it’s been a bit of a losing battle. But I’m defiant by nature and dislike defeat. So I’m hanging in.

It is great that Tim is defiant and putting a lot into what he is doing and the issue is not the fact that he is doing this but how this might manifest in his behaviour.

Internal Thoughts breed External Behaviour

Let’s put two sales people side by side. One believes she has to fight for every sale because it is a tough market. The other just assumes that most people will buy because he believes in himself and the product.

In our hypothetical example let’s say they have the same product, same market, same skills and ability. Given all this my guess would be that the second sells more and better than the first. This is because his attitude is more resilient, less stressed and therefore more flexible and resourceful.

NLP Techniques to Walk Home

This evening after I have finished working I am going to walk home. I am not going to set any well formed outcomes around it. I am not going to do swish patterns, affirmations or creative visualisations about it. I am not going to do belief changes patterns, work on my inner game or any other personally development technique to help me achieve my “goal” of walking home. I am going to simply walk home.

This is because I have a complete and total belief in my ability to perform this task. So much so that it would not occur to me to do otherwise. True, there are many things that might come up and make me fail this task, but I am also confident that I can deal with most things that are likely to come up and for the really overtop unusual occurrences no amount of planning would have helped anyway.

Developing a Persuasion Skills Attitude

When I think back to those times and places where I have used my persuasion skills exceptionally well and have got more than I could have expected there is a common theme. And that is I completely and totally expected to get the result to the point where it didn’t even occur to me that any other outcome were possible.

There are presuppositions in Tim’s email that allows him to lose motivation, confidence and therefore ability in this area. If Tim completely believed he would get the result there would be no battle to fight and defeat just turns into feedback.

Take this the right way. I expect people to prepare, gain the skills and go in with more than just blind belief. And I also think you will get a better result when you develop an all pervasive persuasion attitude.

The Persuasion Skills Black Book touches the surface of this and talks about ways of using NLP Language Patterns for self development. But if you want the real inside scoop on how to develop a persuasion skills attitude that will sky rocket your results then you need to have a look at the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme.


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