Using Your Hypnotic Persuasion Skills for Good

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This article is really a demonstration of how easy it is to use hypnotic persuasion skills to get people to believe anything you want if you have a strategy to set up great preframes. It also give you an insight into how much of a bad boy I can be.

Could You Get Anyone to Believe Anything?

I can be a little bit of a bad boy at times so here is a wind up that I played a little while ago that is a great demonstration of preframes.

Setting the Scene

Below is an email I sent out to a great friend who has also given permission for me to publish this. He believed everything in the email below. He was showing his friends and family the email telling them about the customer service he was getting. The reason he took this on so completely despite the bizarre nature of the email is because of the preframes I put in place both before sending the email and in the way I led him through the options.

To set the scene, we were planning to go to an expensive restaurant for an expensive meal. I set my friend up by suggesting that the difference with an expensive meal is all to do with the quality of service as much as the quality of the food and about going the extra mile for your customer.

I then gave him a quick rundown of the history of the type of steak he will be getting, how the cows are treated and what makes them unique and special. I then took his email address stating that as a first time diner the restaurant will want to contact him. There were a lot more preframes including how I am perceived by this guy as well as his expectations, but you will pick up more of it as you read the email. I have blanked some of the proprietary names just in case.

Naming Your Meal

From: Tsosho Maki
Sent: 09 September 15:43
To: David
Subject: David, news about your K**e Dining Experience

Dear David,

Here at the W K Steak Farm we believe that our customers will experience the greatest pleasure from our K**e Steaks if they are well informed and educated about their meal. In conjunction with B**  Restaurants we are sending you this information pack for you to be better able to enjoy your K**e Steak.

Please note there are options available in terms of preferences and the sooner you can reply to this email the sooner we can ensure your steak is made to absolute perfection.

A Brief History of K**e Beef

The Wagyu cattle that produce this highly prized meat were introduced into Japan in the second century as work animals, used in rice cultivation. As beef consumption became more prominent in society, farmers began hiring workers to massage the animals’ backsides to improve meat quality. The mountainous topography of the islands of Japan resulted in small regions of isolated breeding, yielding herds that developed and maintained qualities in their meat that differ significantly from all other breeds of cattle. Herd isolation and distinctive feeding techniques which resulted from the limited land availability have led to distinguishing features that make the meat both superior in marbling and in the ratios of unsaturated versus saturated fats.

Here at the W K Steak Farm we keep only 15 cows at a time each of which is hand reared and cared for. They are fed a specific diet of grains and fodder, drink a pint of beer a day and are massaged with sake to ensure a calm, stress free life to create the prefect cut of beef for your dining experience.

Introducing Tomoko

Your cow is named Tomoko which translated means child of wisdom. These photographs are of Tomoko and her handler.

Tomoko the Cow

Tomoko will produce a maximum of sixteen cuts of K**e Steak, which is usual for our cows. David, as a first time diner of our steaks you have some options that will subtly change the flavour of Tomoko when she is served.

We find that the beer drunk by our cattle in the last two days of their lives has a significant impact on the flavours they produce. You, David Surname Deleted, have the option to decide between a light blonde beer, a hop-accentuated beer, a champagne beer or a sour brown ale. Each of these beers will subtly change the flavour of Tomoko. There are instructions at the end of this email as to the different flavours and how you can make your choice.

Tomoko will be keeping her regular regime of exercise, feeding and sake massage right up to the point where she will be put to sleep before being taking to the abattoir. Many of our customers like to choose the type of music played to the cows as they are put to sleep. If you have any particular preferences please be sure to let us know. Tomoko’s farm hand has tried out several genres and thinks she responds best to early baroque. She particularly enjoys Hieronymus Praetorius whilst going for her daily massage and sake comb down.

Your Choices

At your earliest opportunity hit reply to this email with your choice of beer and we will ensure Tomoko is fed your choice for the last few days of her life. The options available are:

  • Light blonde beer – This creates a subtle, moist aftertaste to the meat roughly akin to a mild tempura flavouring. This is the base line flavour that the other beers are compared to. If you are uncertain of your choice then this beer will ensure the full flavour of the steak without compromise.
  • Hop-accentuated beer – This is the strongest beer flavour to our steaks. It complements the strong dark meat flavour and adds a hint of barley and hops. This option is the strongest beer option and will have Tomoko rolling the aisles for her last few days.
  • Champagne beer – Champagne beer uses champagne yeast to create a strong sparkling lager. This really is a hint of decadence and will flavour your steak with a light fruity flavour. Tomoko has been described by her handler as a “proper madam” and certainly enjoys the high life. As a result this is her favourite beer. Choosing this option will have the additional benefit of giving Tomoko an even more stress free and enjoyable existence for the last few days of her life.
  • Sour brown ale – Of all the options this is the least favoured by our cows and their handlers. But it does produce a unique Wasbi style flavour to the meat. When properly cooked as guaranteed by B Restaurants this unique flavour is the premium of steak tastes. This option also allows you to have your steak cooked medium well done. All the other options are required to be eaten bleu, rare or medium rare.

The Day of Your Steak

We have served K**e Steaks to restaurants and diners worldwide for over thirty years. Based on years of feedback and experience there are several things you can do to enhance your dining experience.

On the day your will get the best from your K**e Steak if only eat small light meals during the day. Strong flavours are likely to upset your palette to the detriment of your enjoyment that evening so stick to known foods and weak flavours.

You would benefit from some light exercise a couple of hours before your meal and you should arrive at the restaurant mildly hungry. Whilst formal attire is not required many of our diners do suggest dressing up to create a sense of occasion. Certainly loose fitting and comfortable clothes are recommended.

Please arrive in plenty of time to be seated. Tomoko will have arrived in a stress free condition and we are sure she would want her dinners to be in the same condition. We recommend that you don’t decide on wines or starters before discussions with the waitress. She will take you through the pre-meal questionnaire and highlight best recommendations based on your tastes, personality and situation.

We at the W K Steak Farm are working hard to give our cows a stress free enjoyable life so you can have the best possible dining experience. If you have any questions or want to discuss your dining experience any further please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Yours Sincerely

Tsosho Maki

Dinner Liaison Manager
W K Steak Farm

Picking a Rising Star in Business

The video below will give you another example. Notice how I layer and layer preframes on Romilla Ready, lead author of NLP for Dummies and the NLP for Dummies Workbook, until she has no choice other than to pick the card I want her to pick. Also note that even if she didn’t pick the right card I still had multiple options to find out what she had picked.

But How Could I Use This?

Consider the possibilities here, covertly I have demonstrated in this article a belief change process and a way of easily predicting or even controlling the behaviour of particular clients. Over the course of this week how many differnt versions of this same process have I taken the readers of my blog through? As a

  • Sales professional you can create a process that leads your doubting prospect to being a raging fan.
  • Manager, Teacher, Team Leader you could covertly implant empowering beliefs and destroy negative beliefs with groups.
  • Coach, Trainer or Therapist you could use these concepts to create massive change in your clients.
  • Internet marketer, Copy Writer or Blogger you could create sales pages, blog posts and emails that emotionally connect with your readers to the point where they want to buy your products.

Preframes are a powerful hypnotic persuasion tool. If you want to learn how to use them effectively to:

  • Increase your business
  • Make more sales
  • Motivate your teams
  • Wind up your mates

Then you might want to explore the most comprehensive hypnotic persuasion skills course on the internet. But just remember the programme is only available until I have filled the last, as it stood this morning, 17 places, after that the discount goes away and the course goes back to its original pricing.


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