Powerful Ways of Using Hypnotic Persuasion Skills

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Have you ever had a situation where one thing just turned your mood around? Where you just went from a bad to a good mood in a split second? That is what happened to me a couple of days ago and it was a concrete reminder of how you can easily be more effective, have more fun and get better results.

Creating your own reality 

A couple of days ago I had a concrete reminder that we create our own reality. This is a simple technique that is really powerful and very easy to forget…just like I did the other day.

For a variety of reasons that are not relevant I chose to have a grizzle day today. I got out of bed the wrong side and decided that today the universe would be against me. I don’t know if you have this on your grizzle days but I find that everything is a little more like hard work. Everything seems to take a little more effort, your energy is lower and normal everyday things just sap your energy. That was how I felt.

You are what you focus on

Half way through the afternoon I read an email that completely turned me around. Here is that email in full:

From: T
Sent: 19 December
To: Rintu
Subject: I was invited to talk

 Hi Rintu

 How are you doing? I appreciate all the material you are sending me. Its powerful.

Anyone can be president because a president is voted for by the people. Anyone can be King because a king is elected by the people in the area. Rintu, you are a hero because you have helped me fight the wars of Zero. If I had known you earlier, I am confident that I would be one of the South African great leaders. Well with you I am getting there. I thank you.

 I was invited to a business network evening last Thursday by a friend of mine who runs a Security Company. This guy first met me at the AGAINST CRIME TOGETHER meeting that was organised by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) in August 2011. Here I was identified by Joburg South ward councillors to explain how I manage to bring down crime in the area by convincing and persuading well known gangs to change and mend their ways. I remember the negativity of senior people and top officials moving in and out of the boardroom, talking on their cellphones when I was given an opportunity to talk. If you had not taught me how to handle people and their negativity, I would have given up my presentation. I did feel the pain yes but I did not feel defeated. I gathered all what was happening and I put it on the learning point. I used it all on them to make them learn. What nearly paralyzed me was to see the people who I real needed them to hear what I had to say, leaving the room. Those who remained inside, looked at me with eyes that said, “Finish!!” before I even started talking.

I quickly learnt that it was a matter of status and competition against me. With my law financial status, I awoke the giant in me and I rose above all of them. I did not start my talk by greeting them, it wouldn’t work at that moment. I know how my fellow South Africans with money respond to unsuccessful people. I used the voice of authority that you taught me. I started by saying,” Ladies and Gentlemen, the difference between the dangerous armed gangs that I work on successfully on daily bases, and you, is the same. You share a common goal, and that is position and possession not potential. You beat me with position and possession but not potential. I guess the real reason you invited me here today is to hear what I have to say. Believe me, before I finish my speech, you will be seated and listening to what you need to hear from me. I have saved your lives and your businesses risking my life confronting armed robbers unarmed with no back up. You definitely know that but it takes a man or a woman to admit it.

Its cool! , the tools that built the beautiful stadiums, schools, hospitals, hotels etc. do not stay in the house. No-one wants to see a caterpillar that fixes the road on the road when the road has been fixed. Its a fact. I saw a white lady standing up, rushing to her husband at the door. She grabbed his phone and pulled him to sit down. Rintu! trust me, within 2 minutes of my presentation, I had a boardroom full of everyone who was supposed to be there seated. I had a beautiful audience of well behaved officials who showed good listening skills, nodding their heads in acknowledgment of what I was saying. I was very short and straight to the point. During launch, there were two queues, one for food and the other for people needing to know me more and better. A lady gave me R2 440. She said, take it its out of good faith. Another one gave me R40. At the end of the day, they all got my contacts details.

Thank you, Rintu you are a hero!! I am expecting more from you. I am looking forward to sending my son to your NLP school when he is in high school or after he finishes.

I wish you all the best for the Festive Season!! Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year


 Your World is in Your Head

I could not hope for a better result, someone doing something so great and worthwhile with my material and then taking the time to tell me about it. I’ve been bouncing and buzzing ever since I read the email.

Strangely as I was bouncing around being smug my day got better, easier and more fun. The interesting thing is that nothing had changed. The things I was doing were still the same. The things that I had let bring me down were still there and still needed dealing with. The only difference was that I had received this email.

I had let external circumstances affect my mood. I had allowed the things going on around me to bring me down and then I had let T’s email bring me up. The truth of the matter is in both circumstances I have a choice. And in both circumstances I could choice to react differently or not at all.

But here is a thought for you

As I was thinking this through another idea came up. T is walking into dangerous situations, unarmed and without backup using just his presence and the power of his words to do something he obviously believes in passionately. And he thinks I am a hero?

 The question that came to my mind was I wonder how the hero that T thinks I am would be acting in my situation? I am in danger of losing this into a jumble of bad grammar so perhaps I should just say I started build a persona of what I think T thinks this hero is and then started acting like that. The end result is I am having fun, doing more and better work this afternoon.

Building a more persuasive you

On the Advance Persuasion Patterns programme I take you through several exercises where you build self-esteem, confidence and mind set for a powerfully persuasive personality. It is just a mind exercise that you could adapt to create more effective versions of you for different situations.

Also on the course you will learn different types of metaphors, how you can create them and how you can use them to covertly install an idea, an emotion or a process into your audience. If you would like to find out more, just click through.


3 Comments on “Powerful Ways of Using Hypnotic Persuasion Skills”

  1. Thulani

    Hi Rintu
    The material you are giving me is so powerful and not benefiting me alone but also the needy youth of South Africa. I am dealing with Teenage Suicide Prevention by listening to troubles of the depressed youth.  I also do psycho social support camps where I persuade the problem kids to focus to organised life. Thanks so much, May God bless you.
    All the best
    Thulani Michael nkosi
    Please see my link:

    google.co.za Mark 17 Thulani Nkosi     ( please see from the topic: Mark 17 is winning)

  2. Bslandc

    Love your material, It makes me work at it, deconstruct, go over it again. I’ll get
    it yet. On disability payments, so am saving up for your GREAT stuff. Thanks so
    much for that you provide for free.
    Best of Everything,

    1. Rintu Basu

      It’s my pleasure. I am really glad you are getting a lot from the free material it is meant to be there not only to entice but alo to get people started that can’t yet, for what ever reason, afford the paid material yet. The courses will be there for you when you are ready for them and until then I’ll be putting this material out for you.

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