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I spoke to Tom Vizzini from Essential Skill the other week about personal development and what makes the biggest difference. The answer he gave me was so interesting that it turned into an article for him and I asked if I could publish it here for you.

Getting Results from Personal Development Courses

If you have been reading my articles you already know I am a great fan of a systems approach to training. I believe the only effective way of training people is to start a long time before the course and continue with coaching and integration sessions a long time after the course.

You may also have noticed that I am a fan of Tom and Kim from Essential Skills generally and specifically their latest course. I like their latest course because of the systems approach that they have taken and how they are supporting it through technology. But I also know the pair of them for developing great content, so I thought I would ask Tom about Total Transformation. He sent me this article and let me publish it here.


This is SO SIMPLE and make SO MUCH sense!

3 Easy Steps that most people skip when they want their lives to change.

First Step… For change to have a chance to work the environment of your mind has to change. Your mind has to become changeable.

That sounds so simple but it is a step that all of the other personal change methods skip. I could get into all of the brain chemistry that allows a brain to enter a changeable state, but let’s keep things simple for now.

Once your brain is in a changeable condition you can begin to recondition your brain to react as it was designed to react. The scientific term for this condition is plasticity. You need to get the brain back into a plastic condition in order to retrain it to perform. Then you balance the brain’s reactive and adaptive areas to be able to react and think at the same time instead of just going to the default behaviours that are being a problem. Once you do that you have many more choices in your life and many fewer problems.

Second Step…You have to learn the basic skills that allow you to have the life you desire. These building blocks allow you to connect with people who you never were able to connect with before.

They allow you to notice how people are reacting to you and their surroundings. Then they allow you to have influence like few people have ever experienced.

You have the opportunities that other people never are offered because you have the connections that few people are able to gain.

Once you have those opportunities you have the skills to turn them into real results like a job, adventure, a relationship, businesses, friendships or whatever else presents itself.

Third Step… You need to be able to learn and replicate the skills of other successful people by understanding how they see the world and how it is different than you have been seeing it. For instance… millionaires are millionaires because they have a millionaire mindset and a millionaire skill set. People who are broke all the time are broke because they have a mindset of someone who never has money and a skill set of someone who never has money.

People who have active social lives do so because they think and behave in a certain way. People who are confident are that way because they don’t have emotional clutter getting in the way of every thought.

You can quickly learn from people who are doing what it is you want to do without those old feelings and behaviours getting in the way.

With these three simple concepts you can change your life forever.

When you have the clarity of mind, the tools to achieve and the blueprint to follow, you can accomplish anything.

Total Life Transformation 2012

Tom Vizzini


Be Prepared to Change, Have the Skills to Change and Model the Right People to Make the Change

I think Tom is exactly right on this and that is why you might want to click through and have a look at this phenomenal course that he is delivering with Kim McFarland.


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