Getting Confident in Using Hypnotic Language Patterns

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A short while ago I posted an article about a hypnosis recording that Andrew Milne has made on my behalf and how it has had an impact on my use of NLP Language Patterns.

Using Hypnosis to Learn Hypnotic Language Patterns

We gave away a few free copies. Here is what’s happened so far including how to get free drinks using embedded commands:

John Charles Robinson 06 March at 16:05

Rintu – I have enjoyed the opportunity to sample Andrew Milne’s hypnotic confidence session. Thank you both for making it available. My experience with it is outlined below:While I did notice an immediate impact, I found that repetition of use worked even better for me. In other words, the more I listened, the more increase in confidence I felt.

There were improvements to my use of complex linguistics, but I was more impressed and amazed at the feedback and comments I received from others over the course of the past week.

The first (unsolicited) comment that I seemed to be standing taller and yet more relaxed was followed a few days later by an even more emphatic expression from a co-worker “I am glad to see you are feeling better. I can really see how you have become more energized lately”.

Regardless of your line of work or condition in life, your confidence and energy are a big part of leading the way for others and this audio program, in my experience, will give you an increase in both areas.

Please share my thanks with Andrew. Kindest Regards, JCR

And then I got this:

Kathleen Rodman 08 March at 12:46


Thank you for the hypnotic patterns motivator MP3 download. After I received the Motivation to Use Hypnotic Patterns MP3 download, I decided I needed to reread your book, The Persuasion Skills Black Book. About half of the way through rereading your book, it occurred to me I should listen to the hypnotic patterns motivator to see if it downloaded properly – so I listened to about 10 minutes of it.

The next morning I posted something from my blog with “diet” in the title. One of the comments I received was, “I don’t believe in diets.” I immediately responded, “I agree the issue is really about having a healthy lifestyle.” Up until that point I had either picked a pattern and written it down to practice or looked through your book until I could find a pattern that was appropriate to the situation I wanted to deal with at the time.

The hypnotic pattern motivator worked very well after only ten minutes listening time. Just think what will happen when I have completed rereading your book and listen to the entire MP3 I am very impressed and believe it would be skilful to make the MP3 available for sale in addition to your book which is also excellent.

Take good care of yourself.

Kathleen Rodman, LPC, CCMv

I have been a little backed up with work at the moment so have been a little slow getting the news to Andrew. But then I got two emails from him.

Andrew Milne 10th March at 13:42

Hi Rintu,

I had an interesting experience last week, where I got two pints of lager and two coffees free in Weatherspoons, the other day. I laughed about it afterwards completely bemused, saying wow just when I never used any language patterns when carina pointed out to me that I had used quite a few. In particular the embedded command ‘it’s nice to give me something for free.”

any way to save bogging you down in this busy period, my point is that it was unconscious competence I think mainly caused by the hypnosis recording that I made, well I was telling this tale to Mark and he said you should write it up for Rintu ? Would this be of benefit to write up?

I obviously asked him to write up more details and Andrew responded with

the whole event went like this….

we ordered two pints and two coffee’s, the barman said “would you like a coffee card, you get a coffee free for every 5 you buy,”

I thought great yeah, it was in my mind that I might get an extra stamp, so I started to say things like ‘it’s nice to get something for free.’ and ‘it’s not often YOU give ME something for free’

Then the barman handed me the card, looked at my money and walked of, we waited a while till he gave me a dirty look as much as saying; “what you still doing here”

And then I walked off. Thinking cool. I now have plans to always discuss how I just got something for free when ordering drinks, it seems a easy pattern to work in.

The main thing that struck me was I was unaware of what language I used when the whole transaction was going through.

Looks Like this Recording is Dangerous

Include the fact that I suddenly started using pattern interrupts with shopkeepers in a way that completely surprised me and I think we have to conclude that this hypnosis recording certainly does have some impact on your learning of hypnotic language patterns.

I don’t know if this also happened, but knowing Mark it is a good guess. In Andrew’s first email I have bolded the embedded command that I suspect Mark used several times over with Andrew in their conversation.

Next week I will be giving certain people an opportunity to get a copy of this recording for free so look out on the blog and in your email for a very exclusive offer.

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