How to use Dark Side Persuasion Techniques

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Read about How to use Dark Side Persuasion Techniques

Applications of the Dark Side of NLP and Persuasion

I have recently received several emails asking about how they could use the Dark Side Patterns. Kenrick Cleveland the creator of the Dark Side persuasion courses has agreed to re-release one of my favourite patterns from Dark Side 1 for free so you can understand how easy these patterns are to apply. Head over there and download the content right now. He gives you loads of different ways of using this extremely powerful pattern for good or bad.

Make sure you come back on Tuesday as I will let you know then how you can get hold of a copy of both Dark Side 1 and 2 for an exclusive discount but for a limited time only. But for the moment take this free piece of content and notice how easy it is to Destroy Beliefs for good or bad. You can download the content here.


For a limited time the Dark Side 2 shopping cart is open. Here is the link where you can find out and buy the course now.

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