Final Call for the Dark Side 2

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This is just to say Happy Independence Day to all our American cousins. I think it was a fair deal they got the American Dream, the British got self-deprecating humour laced with a twinge of irony bordering on sarcasm.

On a connected not the Dark Side promotion ends at 12 midnight EST for good. I hope Kenrick and I will work together again in the future and for the moment we both need to move on to other things. What that means is that you will not see this promotion again. Over the last few articles I have given you a lot of information about the programme so here is a mini review:

# Here I get my friend to follow my suggestions even though she was resisting initially.

# Here I manage to accidently get a young woman completely infatuated with me.

# Here I use one concept to develop a pattern to control a group of people

# Here I use Jane’s beliefs to completely subvert her thinking

# Here I completely blow out some of my friend’s beliefs

These are persuasion tactics you can apply to every area of your life that will give you massive benefits where it is rescuing the damsel in distress, getting the guy to not only notice you but also to fall hopelessly in love, make mega bucks, become a criminal mastermind or a goody superhero. I’m not saying that it is all possible but what I am saying is that if it is possible then the Dark Side 2 will have ways of dramatically improving your chances of getting there.This is an incredibly powerful programme that is in advance of everything I have seen on the internet. So with that in mind Kenrick has put together the package so that you also get Unconscious Persuasion and (for the two bigger packages) Max Persuasion 2007. These programmes are fantastic in their own right and they take you to a point where you can fully utilise the Dark Side 2. Here is the link for the info page.



PS Remember this offer finishes at 12 midnight EST today so check through my field reports and then click through to the info page to decide quickly.

Here is the link again.


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