Learning from the Dark Side

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This article is about the Dark Side of Hypnotic Persuasion Skills. It is a taster just how far you can stretch the boundaries of what is possible using hypnosis.

starwars3treviewFrom ancient times right through to the 21st Century we have been bombarded with tales of the dangers of forbidden knowledge. Whether we are talking about Icarus who flew too close to the sun and had his wax wings melt or Anakin Skywalker whose rage allowed him to be seduced and eventually turned to the dark side as Darth Vader.

The reality though is it is too easy to fall prey to a whole lot of nasty stuff if you bury your head in the sand and pretend that hypnosis is just a therapeutic tool to help your clients build better lives. By being aware of the potential, the dangers and the tools of the dark side you are better able to protect yourself and those around you as well as find some great positive uses for this material as well.

It is only those that live and work in ignorance that are susceptible to flying too close to the sun or allowing their rage and hate consume how they use their skills.

The Light and the Dark

The reality is these tools are just a just tools. The only light or dark side involved is your intention. When I train people I deliberately get people to associate into the good feelings of being able to use new skills to motivate them to get the skills. I might well bypass any conscious resistance based on a lack of confidence so they have a go at the new stuff. I am sure you can already see how these things could be used in a negative way.

I once spent time learning how to install a nightmare. The issue wasn’t about actually using that as a technique. The issue for me was if that is possible then perhaps it is possible to install a positive dream that automatically drives and pulls you towards your goals. All that was needed was a switch in thinking about the concept in a positive way.


A few years ago I delivered a lecture on Hypnotic Persuasion Skills to some students at Lancaster University. As is my standard way of operating I used hypnotic persuasion skills to teach hypnotic persuasion skills. In some spots I stopped and deconstructed what I was doing to the students. They were not only surprised at how easily they were fooled but also amazed at the fact that I could still get away with it when they knew exactly what I was doing.

Luckily the lecture was recorded. I have had it transcribed and added my notes so you get to not only see what is going on but you get my deconstruction of the techniques I am using, why I am using them and you can see the impact it has on the audience. Click through and find out more about this course right here.


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