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I am going to be a little light on articles this week because I am travelling out to New York to deliver the Hypnotic Sales in the City course for the weekend but I did need to let you know about a new website my good buddy Nathan has put together that might be of some use to you. If you can get to New York this weekend and are interested in developing your sales technique then I am certain we can get you in as a late booking, so feel free to look through the information and book now.

Master Hypnotist and all round Super Hero

Long term readers of my site will know I have a lot of time and respect for Nathan Thomas. Not only is he an acclaimed hypnotist, a great trainer and is making a business out of providing some of the best hypnosis resources in the world. He seems to know and have interviewed 90% of the best hypnosis and NLP guys in the world.I wanted to let you know about a new resource site he has launched. He has a limited special offer so it is important to let you know as soon as I could so you have some choice.

Review Website and Bonuses

Nathan has launched a website that reviews a variety of hypnosis products including one of my own. He has done a good job of reviewing a number of hypnosis products warts and all. As such this gives you an external view of these products. If you are thinking of investing in hypnosis related training this year then it would be useful for you to have a look through this site.

The reason I am taking valuable time out of my day at such a crucial juncture to tell you this is because Nathan has a promotion running on Keys to the Mind to celebrate the launch of the new site. It won’t last long so you probably want to head over there and have a look at that site as well. Keys to the Mind has lots of great articles and insights into lots of areas of hypnosis so feel free to browse through it all.

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