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On Wednesday at 8 pm GMT my co-presenters at Hypnotic Transformations Live are presenting a live webinar about Hypnosis, Persuasion and Influence. You can attend for free and I have an extra bonus for you if you sign up.

Hypnosis and Personal Influence

On this webinar you will hear the views of three leading hypnotist on how Hypnosis relates to Personal Influence. James Trip creator of Hypnosis without Trance, Marcus Oakey the Charisma Coach and Nathan Thomas from Keys to the Mind will all be on the call and you will be able to join in the conversation and ask questions.

Unfortunately I am double booked on Wednesday and am really annoyed that I can’t be there. Whilst I was ranting at Nathan about not being able to make it he suggested that we record something from me as a way of apologising for not being there.

Pattern Interrupts

So Monday morning Nathan and I recorded an interview about hypnosis and persuasion. In it I deconstruct a sequence about pattern interrupts. On the recording I don’t tell Nathan that I am giving out a process for using pattern interrupts but if you listen to the interview you will get the process step by step.

If you have not met pattern interrupts before they are a great way of breaking someone’s trance and redirecting them to the trance you want. Another way of redirecting people into the trance you want them in is an agreement frame. I explain this and how you can quickly learn to use this on the recording as well.

Finally Nathan and I discuss key issues that allow you to accelerate your learning and allow you to develop your hypnotic persuasion ability.

Nathan is busy editing this recording down and it will be available on Wednesday. If you want a copy just sign up to the webinar.



PS Remember on this webinar you will get to ask three world class hypnotist about the connection between hypnosis and influence as well as receive my pre-recorded interview with Nathan where you can learn about interrupting a train of thought and turning it to the direction you want. All you have to do is sign up to the webinar.



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