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I want to share with you a personal story about the impact Nathan’s new course, The Confident Hypnotist has had on me.

Take the Trance to Gain Confidence

Nathan Thomas, the youngest hypnotist I know and certainly in my mind the king of rapid inductions. Nathan sent me The Confident Hypnotist to review so I have been looking at some of the material over Christmas. But one of the downloads had such a positive and significant effect on me that I would like to share. But first let me give you some details on the course overall

Boosting Confidence as a hypnotist using hypnosis

The Confident Hypnotist is great for anyone who has some knowledge but wants the keys to making trance really work and the confidence to use this with people. It contains written, video and audio material including a couple of trance inductions you can use for yourself.

You will see on the product page all the various components of this course so I will just focus on how I see the value of the content. For me the value of this material is about gaining the confidence and belief to use hypnosis with yourself and others.

Hypnotic Power

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool and I meet a lot of people that can’t get it to work quite right Nathan’s Confident Hypnotist really nails that and helps you to move from standard, traditional scripting to some very powerful ways of integrating your own style into hypnosis sessions.

Again Nathan focuses on overt inductions that you might use for street hypnosis and therapeutic interventions but even the covert hypnotic persuaders will get value from this course. I know I did in a most unexpected way.

The Best Bits

The best bit for me was the audio mp3 Subconscious Confidence which had a profound effect on me. But I will tell you about that below.
Nathan’s interview with the grand master William May on confidence. William has a lot of great things to say and Nathan is great at getting this information out of him.

The Danger

Nathan is a young guy with lots of ideas in his head and a great many things to do. Remember he pulled The Advanced Hypnosis Course on the December 31st for no other reason than he wanted to spend his time on other projects. I hope he will keep this course up for some time because it is good, but who knows.

Powerful Hypnotic Impact

I have been recently having a tough time with deadlines and yesterday night I was feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of work I have on my plate. I was cursing Nathan because I knew I had to get this review done for him. The Confident Hypnotist course, Nathan and you deserve my best attention yet I was completely distracted, tired and feeling overwhelmed.

I started going through the material again to refresh my mind before writing this review. I put on the subconscious confidence audio because I remember enjoying the metaphor Nathan uses and wanted to mention it in this review. I hadn’t intended to listen to the whole thing, just catch the little bit I wanted, write up my thoughts and move on.

If you ever have those times when you are multitasking and you suddenly find yourself completely intrigued with one of the tasks. Listening to an audio or reading a page for example. This is what happened to me as I listened I became more wrapped up in the material to the point where you just have to get under the surface of it and find out more.

Anyway to cut a long story to shreds I listened to the whole audio, it’s only fifteen minutes anyway and came to a profound realisation. The issue was not about me being overwhelmed with all the things I have to get done but my feeling that I am not capable of achieving it all.

As soon as I had that realisation the feeling went away. I no longer felt the need to sit in the office until stupid o’clock getting frustrated. I went out had a meal with some good friends, played some poker on line all with the complete relaxed confidence that I will get everything that needs to get done in time.

It’s strange how confidence or lack thereof can affect you. This is a great little audio and whilst it is specifically to develop confidence in using your hypnotic skills I think it can have a much more powerful impact. It did with me at least. If being confident using hypnosis techniques is something you would like to develop this is a great course for you and you can find out more about it here.

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