The Results of Advanced Persuasion Techniques

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Here are some of the great things being said about the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course.

Advanced Persuasion Patterns – What others are saying about this unique Persuasion Skills Course

Here are a few extracts from the emails I have received:

Received 23rd September from John

Can I tell you how excited I am about this course, and the fact that you priced it in my range.  Really. For the first time in my life, I’m starting to realize how powerful I can be with this stuff. I never saw life the way I do now. I’m on my way to getting unstuck from all the bullshit conditioning I’ve had, and all the disempowering beliefs.

Received 27th October from David

On Friday, using techniques from your lessons 1 and 2 I got a deal for £12000 plus negotiation rights for several further deals and the company want to refer me on to their networks. Thanks

Received 14th October from Travis

Hey Rintu. I appreciate the great info I’m getting from you. Your thoughts on the variation of the redefine are excellent. I work sales in the home improvement industry. I took a couple days to script out a few common scenarios I face that are perfect for the redefine, next steps and commitment patterns and practiced them thoroughly until they sounded natural and could be delivered with the proper tone and pace. The results are undeniable….the economy being what it is here in the U.S. and homeowners being very conservative where I live….our company has had a difficult couple of weeks. After employing your ideas I had a great week. Four sales and four happy customers last week. I’m looking forward to adding the agreement frame to the mix this week. Thanks.

Received 10th January from Dr Tom

I do a lot of reading and studying of this material along with mentalism (Derren Brown is my favorite, the guy blows me away, Kenton Knepper also has great information), body language (Joe Navarro, an ex FBI profiler) and a couple of others. I consider your information right up there with the best of them. I really do appreciate this a great deal.

 Received from John 15th August

I think most trainers complicate the hell out of this or analyze it to death like (omitted). That guy is brilliant, but he speaks in a language that is not easy to understand…for me, anyway. That’s why I like your stuff. You make it easy to understand, just like Kenrick does.

Received from Sonia 26th September

Okay, after one lesson, my teenage son has sorted out his room without the usual fight, my ex husband has agreed a whole lot of things I wouldn’t have believed possible and I am seeing myself in a new light. You asked me what value I would place on this course, well I have already had more than I expected and we have only just started.

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