Persuasion Techniques and the Basis of Personality

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Last week I got a lovely email from one of the new students on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course. It settles on a topic that is an extremely powerful persuasion tactic. So I thought I would share it with you. When you hit this skill right people will move heaven and earth to help you…and in turn you will be fulfilling their deepest, innermost desires.

The Value of Values

Here is a brief explanation of one of our most powerful motivators.


We have a particular way of knowing how well we are doing. Deep inside our unconscious minds we have a large abstract values that we evaluate ourselves against. They are context dependent, meaning your values for family may not be the same as your values for work and both might be completely different from your values about health and fitness.

For example your values for family might include fun, security and love whilst your values for business might have things like recognition, success and money. Whatever your values they are deeply personal and change depending on context.

We evaluate ourselves against our values all the time. We use them as criteria to move towards (or away from if they are negative values) and to evaluate ourselves against after the fact. Also we may give the same label to our values but the actual criteria might be wildly different. Let’s look at an example.

One of my biggest criteria about work is to have fun. That means that I will gravitate to work that I define as fun and I will decide on whether I have had a good day at work by how much fun I had. You may have the same value of fun but our criteria for fun might be wildly different. You may think fun is about having a laugh and a joke with other people whilst I might think of fun as getting a sale.

Values also come in hierarchies. For example my top three values for work might be Recognition, Fun and Making Money. But because Fun is a higher value than Making Money I might take a job that is more fun even though it does not pay as well but never feel satisfied because the boss doesn’t recognise my contribution.

Using Values to Drive Behaviour

On the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course we look at values and how we can use them to drive our own and other people’s behaviour. We look at how you can covertly and conversationally elicit them as well as attach them to behaviour or results that you want people to achieve.

You learn how asking a few questions allow you to find people’s deepest values and associate them to:

  • Behaviour, so that they feel good about doing what you want them to do
  • Results that you want, so they are striving to do what you want them to do and feel good when they succeed

B is a new student on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. He has only got to lesson two and this is his response to starting to learn about values.

From: B
Date: Friday 7 am
To: Rintu
Subject: food for thought…

Hi Rintu,

I went over the “basis of personality” several times by now and I must say that you really are giving food for thoughts… Lots of food actually (and therefore lots of thoughts).

Most definitely I will use this for myself to start with. There must be values deep inside me that lead into believes that must be blocking me now to get the results that I really want.

Additionally I can say that you actually described the missing link in much of what I did so far. Lesson 2 really resonates in me deeply!

As you rightfully state many trainers and salespeople focus on skills and do not pay attention to beliefs and values…

The amount of webinars I followed, the number of PDF’s I have on my laptop (collecting digital dust) the amount of lessons I bought over the years (collecting digital dust as well)… I lost count.

I found myself to be an information-seeker (information sponge is more accurate) but there was not much I could do with that info because of my beliefs.

Many time over I wanted to focus on earning money one way or another and there was always a piece of the puzzle that I “needed to know about before I could start…” (lame excuses? Maybe so… Not anymore though, knowing now about the deeper levels of personality.)

I have no clue whatsoever what the remainders of the lessons from APP will be, I can only roughly suppose that what is coming will be earth shattering.

For now I will continue to work with the communication model from lesson 1 combined with the personality model from lesson 2. So, much work to do.

Cheers, looking forward to the lessons to come… Work to be done NOW without any further ado…


Second Week

B has only just started the course and on the second lesson. He has only just started looking at how to find his own and other people’s values. He has yet to discover how you can change them, move them around or attach them to things overtly as a coach might or covertly as a sales person might.

He has not yet looked at how you could build this in to a presentation to impact a live audience or how you could do it as a recording or in written form. Values are really that powerful and this is just one small part of the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course. There is a limited offer for the course at the moment. Click Through and Find Out More Here.


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  1. Eniale

    Beliefs, values, these are the crux I think of everything. Igt is what we believe and value that we see as who we are. So very deeply it is ingrained we want to beleve, have a belief system whatever that may be. Everyone, bar none

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