What could you get from an NLP Practitioner Course?

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I don’t believe in instant successes and magic bullets. I do believe a little application in the right direction can produce dramatic results. Think about the little snowball that gathers mass and momentum as it rolls downhill. A NLP Practitioner Course could help get that snowball rolling

Applying NLP Techniques from a Practitioner Course

Because of the amount of content on a practitioner course and the range of applications it can be difficult to define what sort of benefit you can actually get from a NLP Practitioner course.

I have been talked into delivering a Practitioner Course, my first for over three years. I have lots of great new material to jam in but the spine of it is still the old course that I used to run.

I have been talking to some of my graduates and thought I would focus on one as a vehicle to explain just what is possible from a NLP practitioner course.

Joseph Benn – Business Start Up Consultant, Author, Brilliant Business Ideas

When I first met Joe about ten years ago he was working as a buyer for a large international company in the Glasgow shipyards. He was feeling desperately unchallenged and unfulfilled by his work and never seemed to have enough money.

Nine years later he is employed by a prestigious British university to develop the entrepreneurial skills of lecturers and students alike. His first book has recently been published and he has supported countless numbers of people start up their own business. He is leading a richer and more rewarding life. Here is what he has to say about his practitioner course.

 A Reality Check

Some people seem to think that their NLP course will solve all their problems and their life will be perfect from there on out. I prefer to think of an NLP Practitioner course as an opportunity to make bigger more serious mistakes.

Success inevitably requires risk. As you become more successful the risks for the next stage tend to become larger. Many self-made millionaires go bankrupt, often several times before making their millions. And sometimes they even win and lose a fortune several times over before they learn how to keep hold and expand what they generate.

Joe’s life over the last nine years has not been perfect, he still has stuff to work on and if he is like me, the more he progresses the more stuff he finds to work on. And I would guarantee that the stakes will get higher as he goes.

But the reality is that playing a higher stakes game is an inevitability of growing and developing your skills. This video will show you more about how this works and why it is important.


Now imagine a course where you learn:

  • Mind management tools that allow you to master your emotions, switch on your motivation when you need it, feel the fear of the risks and then do what you need to anyway.
  • Modelling and Accelerated Learning Skills to suck up knowledge like a Dyson and then apply it to your life and develop your skills faster than you thought possible.
  • Hypnotic Persuasion Skills that draw people to your cause to the point where they are desperate to actively help you.

Can you imagine just how many more risks you would be comfortable in taking when you have these skills?

But remember you are not the same as Joe and this is not a course for just authors. We have not talked about Dennis who straight after his practitioner course secured the largest consultancy project he had ever dealt with or Tracy who found the confidence to become self-employed and is now a director in a very successful talent management company.

In all of these cases these students have taken the skills from their practitioner course practised and used them to take risks and develop their careers. If you want to find a way of taking bigger risks and reaping bigger rewards have a look at this NLP Practitioner Course.


4 Comments on “What could you get from an NLP Practitioner Course?”

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