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I have had a huge amount of feedback on The Persuasion Skills Black Book and you can see some of it in these persuasion technique articles and testimonials.

Persuasion Skills Black Book Applications

I have received an email that demonstrates some great use of persuasion skills for training.

Received: November 2008

From: George

Dear Rintu

I cannot at the moment afford any courses as I am tied up finishing off my teaching certificates.  I did however want to tell you that I am using the methods and language that you taught in your Persuasion Skills Black Book earlier this year in my classes.

I am working in one of the not very wealthy areas of (omitted for privacy) and am teaching adults Literacy and Numeracy. Many of these are very disaffected when they arrive and do not want to do the courses, some come via probation or the job centres and are long term unemployed.

I am happy to say that the majority stay and do their courses and leave with the equivalent of GCSEs and progress to further courses – some even going on to college.

Engaging people in the learning process sometimes takes all the NLP and persuasive skills I have learnt.  On the other hand nothing is as good as seeing someone who was a surly learner to begin with come back and ask for additional courses.

Thanks for the book


Persuasion Skills for Motivating People

The Persuasion Skills Black Book has lots of tips and techniques to increase self esteem, motivation and accelerating people’s development. If you want to know how to do this for yourself and others then you can read more about the book On the Persuasion Techniques Webpage.

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