Accelerated Learning and Hypnotic Language

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This article is about a guy that has caught me out repeatedly embedding commands in my writing. You already know that I use patterns throughout my writing as a demonstration so it may not be that much of a surprise. That said this little tip may well accelerate your learning of any skill dramatically.

The Story So Far

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article about how to create Hypnotic Language Patterns. As part of the article I asked people to try out the pattern and to come back and comment on the results that they got.

Some of the comments I got back were stunning. So I thought I would send another email out to my list to point them at the comments. As normal I wrote a multi layered email.

Principles of Accelerated LearningMolecular Thoughts

One key idea in accelerated learning is that repetition really accelerates skills development. In the Persuasion Skills Black Book I make a big feature of a couple of core patterns and hammer them home repeatedly. This gives me two big possibilities.

The first is by the end of the book the reader has these patterns demonstrated overtly and covertly repeatedly. They also will have an overall sense of familiarity with them, how to set up the conversation and to follow through after they deliver the pattern. People tell me that they very quickly end up using the pattern instinctively without any practice. The reality is they have practiced quite a lot but just outside their conscious awareness.

Key Practice Tip 

Over learning a pattern embeds it into your muscle memory. Spend an hour using your new pattern as many times as possible in a conversation and I will guarantee that you will suddenly find yourself using it instinctively in your normal conversation. The best part of using a pattern as many times as you can in rapid succession (outside of the repetition ebedding the pattern) is that you really get to learn how to move the conversation into a position for your pattern to fit as well as what you have to say after you have delivered the pattern to keep the conversation on the track that you want.

The Second Possibility 

The other great possibility that presents itself with this approach is I can sneak a lot more covert stuff in because the reader is being distracted by the more obvious and blatant stuff. It is like using a magician’s assistant. Whilst you are distracted by the beautiful woman in the spangly tights the magician is away setting up the trick outside of your conscious awareness.

In the same way whilst the reader is watching for the next set of patterns that I am “covertly” using in the text I can hide all manner of new and interesting things. I know I succeeded doing this in the Persuasion Skills Black Book because everyone always mentions only one big super pattern in the book; yet I outline a number of huge concepts in the book. For example:

  • A conversation management process that until the book was taught nowhere else in NLP
  • A breakdown and reconstruct of rapport to develop a new process that is at odds with the standard NLP model
  • And I set up 20 other language patterns

The super pattern was set up this way specifically so that I can use it as a distraction while I sneak round the back and install a whole bunch of preframes and ideas a little more covertly. Take this concept and skim through the book again and you will see it. Once you know it becomes very much more obvious.

Persuasion Skills Black Book

Persuasion Skills Black Book The “Persuasion Skills Black Book” available to buy from Amazon – The best selling book on hypnotic language and using conversational hypnosis to get the result you want.

Buy it from Paperback or Kindle

Buy it from Paperback or Kindle

Caught with My Pants Down

So my email was to get people to read the article and the comments. But on another level it was all about encouragement to get the reader to take action and start using language patterns. A guy that I am going to call David Banner gave me a two line incredibly precise deconstruction of exactly what I was doing. It was so good I had to share it with you. First here is my email:

On Jul 13, 2013 1:55 AM, “Rintu Basu” wrote:

Hi David,

I notice a lot of people in a double bind when they  learn hypnotic language patterns.  Often people won’t  use them  until  you can use them perfectly.  But if they don’t  start to use them  they won’t be able to  perfect the use of them.

If you want to  learn to use these patterns  then you have to  learn to use these patterns  even when you are not sure of how to  use these patterns.  On Thursday I posted an article about a simple new pattern that I accidentally started using with my parents. Because I am have been looking after my mother as she recovers from an operation I have not had the time to  play with this pattern  with a wide range of people. So I have been asking people to have a shot and report back with their findings. There have been some great replies with some great learning.

So here is the article again. Make sure you  read the comments  as there are some excellent ideas and reports. And then  get out there,  have a go,  see what happens and report back.  Here is the link:



And now here is David Banner’s response:

On Jul 24, 08:08 PM, “David Banner” wrote:

in the first paragraph you kept on saying use them over and over and in the second paragraph it was patterns you kept saying. so you want use the patterns drilled into our heads hypnoticly which is a great way of teaching. i recognized as soon as i read it what you were doing

If you want to catch me out some more the best place to start is finding more of the patterns in The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Persuasion Skills Black Book

Persuasion Skills Black Book The “Persuasion Skills Black Book” available to buy from Amazon – The best selling book on hypnotic language and using conversational hypnosis to get the result you want.

Buy it from Paperback or Kindle

Buy it from Paperback or Kindle

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